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Meet the Michael Vick Supporters

Sports by Brooks offers some "highlights" from the recent 200-person rally for Michael Vick in Atlanta.

In the article, you'll find well-thought-out comments from Vick fans such as Hiram Melvin, who said, "Look at what he has done for this city — he's made this city a ton of money every Sunday. This dogfighting has been going on for years. It's not something that just started. It's not a big deal."

You can also listen to the audio from V-103's interview with Vick, who refers to himself in the third person multiple times. Congrats go out to Porsche Foxx (that's Foxx with two x's, thank you very much), who scooped every other media outlet in the world with Ookie's first interview.

Support for Michael Vick Sports by Brooks

Michael Vick interview V-103 Atlanta

200 at rally back Vick, assail Falcons Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Sassy Poker said...

Trust me, I think the guy is guilty as sin, and I think there are many other NFLers involved or at least have attended, but I urge everyone that if you thought the Duke Lacrosse players were innocent, give Vick the right to his trial to prove that he's a scumbag, let's not presume anything beyond a shadow of a doubt until the judge puts his ass behind bars

Bic said...

Good point but the Duke players were screwed by a district prosecutor who had almost no evidence and ended up being disbarred for the way he handled the case. I don't think the US federal gov't is making a similar mistake...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

What I hate the most is that it's becoming a racial issue.

Last year, when two black coaches were in the Super Bowl and everyone was making a big deal out of it being racial progress, Tony Dungy said that there will only be racial progress when two black coaches are in the Super Bowl and nobody thinks twice about it.

By the same token, true racial progress will not be achieved by a guy like Vick beating his dog-fighting case.

It will be achieved when a black person is accused of a crime (or vice-versa like in the Duke Lacrosse case), and NOBODY turns it into a racial issue.

Because honestly, this Vick thing has nothing to do with race, but all I see on TV is how it's becoming a racial issue in Atlanta.

I got news, the informants that put Vick at the scenes of all these dogfights were black.

Anonymous said...

You can't compare a local small time putz D.A. like Mike Nifong to the prosecutorial power of the federal gov't.

As for the interview....Mike, you lost me with your first third person reference.

Anonymous said...

Mike Vick is nothing more than Kordell Stewart....with less common sense, and sadly, less ability.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I wonder what Porsche Foxx had to do to get that Vick interview...


Who names their kid Porsche?

better yet:
What media personality gives themself the name Porsche?

I don't even know which one is worse.