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"I'm not telling a story. I'm reporting the news."

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--How did Big Ben celebrate his one-year accident anniversary? Watching the Pirates with main squeeze Missy Peregrym. Make your own caption.

--Not to pick on Dejan Kovacevic, as I think he has possibly the worst job in the world and does excellent work on a regular basis. But I don't know if I'd describe the Pirates' 7-5 win last night as a "drubbing".
--Quote of the day, from Ichiro: “To tell the truth, I’m not excited to go to Cleveland, but we have to,” Ichiro said through an interpreter. "If I ever saw myself saying I’m excited going to Cleveland, I’d punch myself in the face, because I’m lying.”
For a Japanese guy, he's picked up on the "Cleveland Sucks" theory pretty quickly.
--Regular emailer Bill from Philadelphia called the Big Ben motorcycle accident a year before it happened. And the proof is in the Post-Gazette's letters section from 2005.
--You have to read any article that starts like this: "It’s probably the best time ever to be a Pirate fan. As the Bucs go for their unprecedented 16th straight division title, this year’s team - picked by many experts to go to the World Series - is deep and talented."
--Bengal receiver/Choir Boy Chris Henry is in trouble again, accused of administering a beat-down to a 16-year-old guy.
57. Tom Gorzelanny
61. Jason Bay
73. Ian Snell
--ESPN also projects the All-Star rosters, and Gorzo is the only Buc who makes the cut.
--Congrats to former Bucs Bobby Bonilla and Dick Stuart, starters on the Bugs & Cranks All-Time Lead Glove Awards Team
--The Pirates' ballot-stuffing employees might be at it again, as they're currently ranked #2 in the Rocky Mountain News' User Power Rankings.
--Chad Scott, the Steelers DB formerly known as Wolverine, may be the Patriots' starting corner this year.
--Here's a great article chronicling the party animal known as the Stanley Cup.
--Much like Luke Ravenstahl, we need to get excited for the upcoming US Open at Oakmont. has a great preview, and locally, check out Rizzo Sports for their take (and their predictions)
--Want to get Tiger's autograph this weekend? Good luck. And by the way, if you happen to get one, it's worth a few hundred bucks.
--Speaking of Ravenstahl, Newsweek's Howard Fineman says we can all learn something from him.
--Eric Staal will grace the cover of NHL 2008. Why not Jordan Staal?
--Ana Ivanovic...the new Anna Kournikova?
--Don't use too much muscle might die.
--The Knicks will take on Tel Aviv Israel Maccabi on October 11th. The early line has the Knicks as 10-point dogs.
--Howard Stern sidekick and Mondesi's House favorite Artie Lange is doing a second show in Pittsburgh on June 29th at The Funny Bone. This is after his 8 PM show at Heinz Hall. Sounds like a busy night for old Art.
--James Gandolfini tries to convince himself he can put The Sopranos behind him. He can then enjoy the success Ed O'Neill had after being Al Bundy, Michael Richards had after being Kramer, and Jaleel White had after being Urkel.
--Paris Hilton says she'll "no longer act dumb". Wait, that was an act?
--Yep, Paris is definitely a changed person. In other news, her rich dad is asking for a $50,000 ransom to host her get-out-of-jail party.
--The upcoming book about Lindsay Lohan could be the best read since Moneyball.
Photo of the day, from the team whose fans crap in the stands:


Adam said...

you know what should also be mentioned? Terrelle Pryor has dumped Pitt from his list,but guess what? PSU is still on it baby.

So much for Pitt taking guys from penn state


Dirty Sanchez said...

Does your imaginary girlfriend enjoy talking Penn State sports with you 24-7?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Oh well, if Pryor wants to let down his ailing father by not going to Pitt then he'll just have to suffer eternal damnation. God hates it when kids blow off their suffering parents ya know?

(end sarcasm)

Onto something I actually care bout, Chad Scott possibly starting for the Patriots.

See, everyone has the Pats as this Super Bowl lock because of Randy Moss and a few other offseason pickups.

I call bullshit. They didn't fix the one thing that was truely horrendous last season, their pass defense.

Asante Samuel (if he plays) does not a secondary make. And don't hand me Rodney Harrison. He's at the stage in his career where older safeties turn into glorified linebackers ala John Lynch.

You heard it here folks, Pats aren't even sniffing the Bowl this year.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

By the way, Adam, a supposed PSU fan who apparently could care less about Pitt, seems to be more interested in Pitt v. PSU than every Pitt fan I know combined!

Adam said...

For your information dear dirt, my real girl friend does in fact love penn state and has gone to every home game ive been to for the last 2 years.

And to lipps's point, as a avid penn state fan, I take pride in beating pitt. if recruiting is somethin i can brag about SO BE IT.

By the way, can you guys tell me when theyre launching the Big East Network? I'm really looking foward to it!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy watching Indiana vs Northwestern in women's volleyball, Adam. That's the bulk of the programming you'll see from the soon-to-be-defunct Big Ten Network.

On the Bucco article, that guy's taking things a bit too far. Arguing over what's the biggest heartbreak in MLB history is like arguing over who's the tallest midget in the room. Pittsburgh fans are above that. Leave that garbage to Philly & Cleveland.

I really hope that Chris Henry stays in the spotlight after he receives a lifetime ban from the NFL. His antics are worthy of a reality show. I just can't get over one I the only person who thinks his head shot looks like the standard alien photo shown on shows like "Unsolved Mysteries"?

The man is one ugly mug.

Laser Rocket Arm said...

My husband (who's gotten into reading this blog) deliberately left the picture of Ben and Missy up on the screen. Jeez, ONE time I say in front of him "Holy shit, I'd bang the bejeezus out of Ben Roethlisberger" and he's NEVER let me forget it, damn him. Thanks, Raul. ;p

Unknown said...

Adam, every home game the last 2 years? The electric pump you use to blow her up holding up ok?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

It's not the you bragging constantly, it's the "We Penn State fans don't care about a rivalry with Pitt anymore... oh wait, this recruit isn't going to Pitt, and there's a sliver of a chance he'll go to Penn State, AWESOME!! IN YO FACE!!"

THAT'S what's suspicious. If Pitt is no longer on the average Penn State's fans radar, then why do you bring it up in posts that have nothing to do with it?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

By the way, that article about the Pirates was hard to read.

Look, we're Pittsburgh. It's a good sports city, possibly the best mid-sized pro-sports city, at least for my money.

The Steelers are good more often than not.

And, as bad as it seemed up until this season, if you look at it since 89 the Penguins have only had 4 bad years (granted they were REALLY bad but still that's a pretty good track record). Plus, it seems that the Penguins have a nack for employing "phenom"-type players... Lemieux, Jagr, Crosby, Malkin...

Then there's the Pirates. They're an embarassment. I could see if they were average or just bad sometimes, but it's ridiculous.

This is historically bad. NO city, except for Philadelphia, has ever gone through a stretch of bad baseball like this.

Being as though the National League is like 130 years old, that's really saying something.

Anonymous said...

Pitt 12

And Rod Rutherford is still running.

Until there is another chapter, that's the final score.

Adam said...

quite to the contrary. He has a great chace of coming to PSU. where else can he play football and start at QB and seemlessly transition and star at basketball? No where!!!! If hes smart, he would have the most opportunities becuz the bball sucks at PSU.

Hed walk in and start at the end of football season. Could he do that at OSU? i doubt it. THose are the top 2