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A recap of your favorite links, named in honor of Mike Tomlin
"I'm not telling a story. I'm reporting the news."
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--Raise the Jolly Roger! Pirates win! Pirates win!
--Maxime Talbot is headed to the World Series of Poker. This sounds like a developing awesome story.
--This Chris Benoit story keeps getting worse and worse.
--Hey, look...Tiger's new kid!

--TheStarterWife gives us an excellent recap of a gut-wrenching Pirates experience against the Angels.
--Check out Brady Quinn and The Adonis Advantage.
--A homeschool phenom drops 118 points on his mom.

--Ryan Vogelsong, Hanshin Tigers SUPERSTAR!
--A 2008 NFL mock draft has PSU's Justin King going to the Packers at #12. And according to this site, the Patriots will beat the Saints in the Super Bowl. Just thought you might want to know ahead of time.
--Governor Rendell said he'd consider vetoing the entire state budget if it doesn't include money for a new Penguins arena.
--Take the Steeler Steroid Poll on Rizzo Sports. I said it before and I'll say it again: there is simply not enough coverage of this story.
--JoeSportsFan, one of my favorite sites, tells us what to expect from NBC's ever-expanding football crew this season.
--Remember that frivolous $54 million lawsuit over the missing pants? Well, it looks like the dry cleaner won.
--ESPN gives us a new system to evaluate college basketball prospects. Really interesting stuff, and definitely worth a read. In fact, it sounded really good...until I saw that Curtis Borchardt was ranked as #4 in the 2002 class.
--"One-eyed gator pulls golfer into pond". Sounds like Happy Gilmore come to life.
--A 13-year-old girl's feet are cut off on the Superman ride at Six Flags in Kentucky.


SeanCollier said...

A correction - the ride that injured the young girl is elsewhere. Knott's simply has a similarly constructed ride.

AJ said...

Nice to see Bucky Brooks graciously throw a Superbowl MVP on his top 25 list three spots after some guy named Calvin Johnson.

Not to sound like a homer, but seriously, does that guy even watch football?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Yeah, Hines is disrespected year in and year out.

I like it though, seems to piss the guy off and make him play harder. So please, KEEP DISRESPECTING HINES WARD!

And of course Steeler players took and are probably still taking 'roids and growth hormone. Every NFL team probably has lots of players on them, they just don't have a dumbass doctor that gets busted.

Anonymous said...

If the iPhone works as well as your iPod, exoect to need a new one every 12-14 months.

But if you are one of the suckers who shells out $600 for one, then another $200/month for a service plan, at least you can count yourself as a "cool, informed" hipster, like the shaggy-haired moron on their commercials.

Mondesi, you should have photoshopped the Tiger Woods pic and put the Mayor's face on the baby....would have been hilarious!

Lastly, great work, WWE, on the heartfelt tribute to murderer Chris Benoit. I'm not a wrestling fan (unless you count the day William Perry and "Too Tall" Jones participated in Wrestlemania 2), but I did see the way the WWE tried to "honor" this wacko. Those fools didn't even consider that maybe, just MAYBE, the steroid freak might have snapped and killed his wife and kid. No, instead, they took 3 hrs to profile his life.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

At the time, I thought that the WWE was doing the right thing when they put that show on. Because at the time I figured some wacko probably went in Benoit's house and killed them all or something.

Then when I heard that the "wacko" that killed everyone was Benoit himself I was like "Ummm... yeah that whole tribute show they put on for the guy isn't going to look too great in light of recent developments."

So I think in light of what they knew at the time the tribute show wasn't a bad move. But hey, what's life if pro wrestling isn't getting it's ass kicked in the media at least once per year?