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The Mondesi's House Interview

Barbara Walters. Howard Stern. Larry King. These are all famous interviewers. And now you can add Nick of Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies to that list. "PSaMP" is an up-and-coming Pittsburgh sports blog that's going after a new niche: interviews. Nick's first subject was the one and only Fast Torina Henley, star running back of the Pittsburgh Passion. And his second interview? Well, that would be me.

The segment is called "Inside the Athletes Studio", and although I haven't been an athlete since I took the field for the Washington and Jefferson Presidents about a decade ago, I fielded Nick's questions anyway. We covered a wide range of topics: the war, healthcare, the election...well, actually we talked about blogging and Pittsburgh sports. But I'm sure you'll find it interesting nonetheless.

So check out the interview and be sure to visit the rest of PSaMP. Nick is a self-professed Mondesi's House disciple, so I'm sure you'll enjoy his site.

Inside the Athletes Studio: An Interview with Don of Mondesi's House [PSaMP]


Anonymous said...

Future interview subjects:

Ronnie Florian
Delton Hall
Thor Tolo
Craig Hillier
Bob Nutting III

tecmo said...

Next person who sees Florian at PNC Park, tell him to email me. I will interview the hell outta him...