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A recap of your favorite links, named in honor of Mike Tomlin
"I'm not telling a story. I'm reporting the news."

If you're bulimic, today's your lucky day. This SI cover featuring Oliver Perez should help you lose your lunch.

--Can you hear it? The whispers that Arena football could be coming back to Pittsburgh? Dust off those Gladiators pennants!
--North Hills' own Lavar Arrington joins Ben Roethlisberger and Kellen Winslow on the NFL's Motorcycle Trauma Team. Wait...Lavar Arrington is still in the NFL?
--June 29 is a big day at the Pro Football Hall of Fame: they will unveil a 2,500 square-foot exhibit devoted to the 75th Anniversary of the national treasure known as the Pittsburgh Steelers.
--A recent Steeler Fantasy Camp member had a prosthetic leg. Yep, you guessed it: the prosthetic had a Steeler logo on it.
--One day after Father's Day, Elin Woods gives birth to a Tiger cub.
--A combination link/anecdote I think you'll enjoy from Mark A.:
My high school Alma Mater Seneca Valley won the PIAA state title over the weekend. It was a pretty exciting game. Souderton actually had the bases loaded with one out in the bottom of the 8th and SV got out of the jam. The part that I thought you might be really interested in...the starting 3rd baseman for Seneca Valley.....Tyler Bream.
Yes, Tyler Bream, son of Sid Bream. Maybe Tyler will be the one to reverse the curse.
--Meanwhile, Britney insists it's not over, as she's asking her "fans" to name her new album.
--A great song/video taking on the time-tested rumor of Chinese restaurants serving cat, to the tune of "Cat's in the Cradle".
--Deadspin's Will Leitch sits down with longtime obsession and former ESPN employee Harold Reynolds.
--Any 2-year-olds out there looking to score a margarita should try an Applebee's in California. As they proved last week, they will serve you.
--Here's an in-person recap of one man's Oakmont experience.
--Mmmmm...Cucumber Pepsi!
--A guy with a lot of time on his hands and nothing better to do sat in all 5,200 seats of the York Revolution's Sovereign Bank Stadium.

--Check out the new site Doubt About It and their take on the Pirates' We Will campaign. Good stuff!

--Here's a very cool "Steeler Nation" video from NFL films. This stuff never gets old to me. Don't miss the part where Bret Michaels plays his custom Steeler guitar.
Steeler Nation

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tecmo said...

Whitey in the corner looks uncomfortable.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I dare not mention in the Pensblog comments section that I did get a tiny bit choked up watching that Steeler Nation video.

I know, I'm a total loser.

But c'mon, even cynical jerks that post comments on blogs in their spare time have to have a soft spot.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

That Steeler piece makes me hate the Pirates even more. When does Camp Tomlin open up?

DarkHelmet said...

oh my God ... OH MY GOD

I'm fired up!!! Let's get this thing goin'. YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA

Jules said...

I still have that Steeler Nation video on my DVR from when NFL Network aired it last November. I've watched it atleast 15 times. I mean, even Sally Wiggin teared up!

I wonder if it justs gets those of us that have moved?

gatorB8 said...

No, it gets to me as well and I still live here. The video makes me appreciate the city and the people who live/have lived here so much more.