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I've made the executive decision to rename the quasi-regular link section, "The News". This is in honor of my new hero, Steeler coach Mike Tomlin, and his daily "News" segments during practice. Says Tomlin: "I'm not telling a story. I'm reporting the news."
That being said...onto the new and improved "The News" submitted by you...
--Salomon Torres is out as the Pirates closer, replaced by Matt Capps. Jim Tracy does a top-quality spin-job on the change.
--The Pirates in China? This has international incident written all over it. A must-read.
--Sean Burnett has mastered going on the DL while in the minors.
--Speaking of the Buccos, here's more on their complaining that Ryan Freel dropped the ball in that horrific collision on Memorial Day.
--Larry Zeirlein admits that he his email days are over.
--Make your reservations for Jerome Bettis' Grille 36, opening Tuesday on the North Side.
--A vomit-inducing article about Oliver Perez turning into an ace for the Mets.
--SI gives us nine warning signs that your baseball team is finished. Yeah, that pretty much covers Pirate baseball as we know it.
--Mark Cuban is joining a new football league, in between buying the Pirates, Penguins, and Cubs.
--Big Ben talks candidly to's Michael Silver. Among the highlights are Ben's comments on Coach Tomlin:
Says Roethlisberger: "He's not going to try to force the issue, and I like that. I told [offensive coordinator] Bruce Arians, 'Treat me like a man. That's how I always wanted to be treated. Treat me like a man. You don't have to scream.' And that's the way it has been since Coach Tomlin arrived."
Ba-zing, Coach Cahhr.
--Here's the NFL's most overrated and underrated players for each team. And score one for Joey Porter, who's called the most overrated player in the entire league.
--Tank Johnson's prison diet: 162 beef sticks, 40 honey buns, 35 blocks of summer sausage, and 35 bags of barbecue chips. He also might have tried to prepare a makeshift Mexican dinner, with nine tortillas, nine packages of jalapeno cheese, and six packages of refried beans.
--It's Man vs. Beast, as Bengal Chad Johnson races a 4-year-old Colt.
--If Michael Vick wants to fly on AirTran, it looks like he'll have to pay from now on.
--Want to concoct a Kobe trade? Try the ESPN Trade Machine.
--Pat Forde does a great job dissecting the Billy Donovan move.
--Looks like someone at Entertainment Weekly listens to Dave Dameshek, because they completely stole his villains bracket for their website.
--Here's 15 reasons why Mr. Rogers was the Best Neighbor Ever. And that was BEFORE he got a statue on the North Shore.
--Have a spare $98 million? Then this diamond skull can be yours.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Read the Steelers over/underrated players from that article.

Good calls there. Faneca looked like he'd lost a step last year.

And it's really good to see the Diesel get some props from somebody outside of Allegheny County.

Anonymous said...

Dameshek probably stole it off them.

His show sucks. It's unfunny, he comes off as unknowledgable and his voice is ultra-annoying.

Laser Rocket Arm said...

... the eatery and nightspot, which will feature a signature "Jerome 36-ounce Steak" as well as, in the bar, 36 different martinis, 36 different beers and 36 different vodkas, in honor of the number he wore on his Steelers jersey.

With that many vodkas Big Ben's head might explode--either from making choices or the hangover.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Good link about the Aaron Gray tryouts. I don't see him making it in the NBA, he may be big, but boy is he soft.