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Mondesi on Fox This Afternoon

I'm pleased to announce a 3:30 appearance today on Fox Sports 970 AM with the one and only Tim Benz. Tim holds a special place in Mondesi's House history, as he read my first post ever on the air last June.

You can listen live on Fox's website by clicking the icon above or by going to You can also listen by turning the knob on your AM radio to "970".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're all over PGH radio, MOndesi, but trust want nothing to do with any netowrk that employs Steve Czaban, or the self-named "Zabe."

He's your stereotypical know-nothing sports radio blowhard who get by b/c a PA puts a load of statistics in front of him every 10 minutes.

Listen closely, if he's not talking stats, he's not talking.

Plus he's a putz.

You're better than that.