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Jimmy Balls To Buy Another Team

Craig Leipold, owner of the Nashville Predators, announced that he has a letter of agreement to sell his team to former Penguin ownership prospect Jim Balsillie for a cool $220 million.

Not surprisingly, speculation has been swirling about the future of hockey in Nashville.
Leipold predicted that "we'll have hockey here for a long time" if attendance improves. A default clause in the team's arena lease can be triggered June 19 to give one-year notice of departure if attendance remains below 14,000 during the 2007-2008 season.
Reaction on the comments section is quite predictable, considering the franchise and the prospective owner:
Don't worry, Nashville. Despite what he says, I'm sure he's not interested in moving the team.


Unknown said...

Apparently Mike the intern has a fondness for the yuengling, based on the photo below. +1 to Mike

AJ said...

If Nashville purges their roster of talent and tries to purposely tank next season, only to find Cinderella success with a rag tag group of hockey misfits and outcasts coached by Lou Brown... then I really hope that they don't put the cardboard cutout of Balsillie in the locker room as they try to clinch a playoff spot.

Anonymous said...

I predict that fewer than 11 people show up at next summer "Save the Preds Rally - Sponsored By Blabbity, Blabbity, Blah"