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Afternoon Wrapup

--The Pirates leave the bases loaded FOUR times en route to a 9-4 loss in St. Louis. And nice job by the Bucco hurlers, surrendering nine runs to the worst offense in Major League Baseball. My favorite moment last night was the top of the 8th. Bases loaded, none out...

-Jack Wilson fouled out
-Nate McLouth stuck out looking
-Jose Bautista walked
-Freddy Sanchez reached on error
-Jason Bay struck out
That's right, five batters with the bases loaded, four can't even put a ball into play, and the fifth can't get a ball out of the infield. We Will: Look Terrified With Men on Base.
--Here's's Celtics Lottery Reaction Board. Or 700 comments of Boston fans complaining yet again, while the rest of the country tells them to shut up.
--Sid and Evgeni win the first of many awards this offseason.
--Ladies... defends Steeler Pro Personnel Coordinator Doug Whaley, who sent the now-infamous porn email to a 61-year-old co-worker who doesn't know how to use email.
--Meanwhile, Dan Rooney weighs in on the budding controversy from Nashville. "I don't go for that", said Rooney, who was unaware that Whaley was involved.
--Bob Smizik plays the blame game with this year's edition of the Pirates.
--Bugs and Cranks talks about my favorite Pirates fan, Ronnie Florian.
--North Hills HS forfeits a WPIAL playoff game by using an ineligible pitcher.
--The Big Lead recaps Mike Vick's hard-hitting, 20-second interview with an Atlanta reporter (with video). "Everywhere I go, all around the world, people are gonna support Mike Vick. Regardless of what I go through, people are going to love me, man. You know, it’s all good."
--There was a nasty brawl at Disney World on Sunday. Luckily, no NFL players were involved.
--Here's not one, not two, but five internet-only versions of Jack Link's hilarious "Messin with Sasquatch" commercials:
--Meet the Montgomery Flea Market Man. Gotta love local TV.


Anonymous said...

Laser Rocket Arm said...

Gah--I read the story about the Disney brawl and wasn't surprised about the hometown of the idiots. If you want to find rednecks on Long Island, look no farther than Shirley.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

In NBA talk, I cannot even put into words how happy that Boston isn't getting Oden or Durant. I fucking hate Boston and every team that calls that place home, and am beside myself in knowing that almost everyone in that city is crying their eyes out over the draft lottery.
Fuck the Patriots. Fuck the Red Sox. Fuck the Celtics, and fuck the Bruins.
Wow that feels better

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Fuck Boston and New York.

I'm tired of sportswriters who whine about how those two cities teams should get all the good players.

Umm... about 98% of America DOES NOT live in Boston of New York, and could give a flying fuck about their teams.

I think all media should be located in Terra Haute Indiana from now on to avoid further East Coast bias.

I look forward to that Trailblazers 2011 championship run.