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Afternoon Wrapup

--First off, a reminder that the Tuesday mailbag is is the last chance to get your questions in, so send your thoughts and questions to

--For those of you who have asked, my Dave Dameshek radio segments are now available for download courtesy of the kind proprietor of I'll be making another appearance on Dave's show on 93.7 on Tuesday night at approximately 7:45.

--This was interleague rivalry weekend, so the Pirates were playing...the Diamondbacks. And in typical Pirate fashion, they lost two of three, including a colossal meltdown on Saturday night. The only good news from Pirate country is that Tony Armas will be replaced in the rotation.

--Bob Smizik tells us that the Pirates' pursuit of .500 is an impossible dream. He's dead-on in his analysis, making this quite the depressing read. and Mobiqa introduced a new mobile phone system that allows fans to purchase baseball tickets via a cell phone. Tickets@Phone will send a barcoded message to the user's cell phone that will be scanned at the gate for admittance to Nationals, A's and Pirates games. So now you can use your cell phone to be one of the 9,582 in attendance the next time the Pirates host the Marlins.

--Nice job by NBC, switching away from the Senators/Sabres overtime game to go to a horse racing pregame show. Could this be the hockey equivalent of the Heidi game?

--Deep-sea explorers have uncovered possibly the richest find in shipwreck history: over $500 million in colonial-era silver and gold coins. Any chance the explorer is from the Pittsburgh area and is interested in buying a baseball team?

--Remember the guy chasing Hank Aaron around third base after he hit his record-breaking home run? It was TNT's ugly suit-wearing Craig Sager.

--Two plumbing services are fighting over the rights to the phone number 867-5309, made famous in a 1982 song by Tommy Tutone.

--Here's a tremendous gallery about your Google searches

--Anyone catch Ludacris on the Simpsons last night? What are the ramifications of this? Did the Simpsons jump the shark? Or does Luda lose some street cred much like when 50 Cent played at that girl's bat mitzvah?

Actually, 50 didn't lose any street cred because he was playing at a private event for a teenage girl. He lost it because he was wearing a Pirates hat.


TheStarterWife said...

I think for girls it is a "bat mitzvah".

Simpson's are so up and down episode to episode, each week is pretty much a crap shoot. The movie is supposed to be really good though.

That Smizik article is depressing just because he lists what he calls "bubble" players. Doesn't a bubble imply that the Buccos have some stellar players picking up the slack for them?

Steve G. said...

Thanks for the link again! However, just as an FYI, there are two of us behind the Sports Contraption - Tom does almost all of the actual coding and a couple recaps here and there.

And oddly enough, I'm from Rhode Island and I have to stomach those plumping commercials all the time. Blah.

Anyway, thanks for the link, and thanks for the Tecmo Bowl info the other day. There have been few happier days in my life.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

That looks like a young Bonnie Bernstein grinding next to 50 Cent.

Unknown said...

An interesting contest would be to find the youngest person that believes they will never see a .500 Bucs season in their lifetime. Anyone 14 or younger (and many 15 year olds) has never seen this, and the Pirates have really only seen them get close once('96 or '97, if memory serves) in that span. At 24 I believe...but every year I waver more and more.

Unknown said...

Did the Simpsons jump the shark?

Over 5 years ago. Yes.

Real McCoy said...

Has Ted McGinley been on the Simpson's?

That would be the definitive test. More accurate than DNA.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I don't think the Simpsons ever got old.

I think that they did so much great stuff, and they're doing stuff now that's equally great, but we the viewers are just jaded because we've seen it all before.

In other words, they spoiled us for years. And they're still making a quality TV show on par with the old stuff, but just maybe our expectations have become unrealistic.

The Simpsons has turned us all into Yankee fans.