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Steeler Ratings Wars

Today is a big day in the local TV ratings wars, and who are the pawns in this cruel game? Your Pittsburgh Steelers, of course! There's goodies aplenty, including J-Peezy (or is it Kanye West?) doing an exclusive with Alby Oxenreiter of WPXI. That one hits at 5 PM. Topics may or may not include Kellen Winslow, mini ponies, and Las Vegas.

Be honest. You can't tell them apart either.

KDKA strikes back at 6 PM with their big Ken Rice-Dan Rooney interview. Some interesting comments on Alan Faneca from the Steeler patriarch:
Rooney went on to say that he's actually concerned about Faneca's health.
"I worry about him. I was concerned that he might get himself so worked up that he could cause himself some harm, medically."

Wow. I knew Faneca was upset, but to the point of doing himself harm medically? This sounds juicy.

What about WTAE, you ask? Well, I can't seem to find any major Steeler interviews coming up on Monday, but we can celebrate the ballyhooed return of Jennifer Antkowiak with them at 5. No, she doesn't wear black-and-gold, but she has to be filled with fascinating stories on how to raise five kids ages 2-9. Says the PG: "Antkowiak doesn't flinch at the notion that she's trying to become the Martha Stewart of Pittsburgh."

You can be like Martha. Just don't do any insider trading.

So we have the $32 million man, the $820 million man, and the Pittsburgh version of Martha. I don't know if this can top one of those "South Side residents upset over vomiting, brawling drunks in the streets" news specials, but it's certainly got a shot.

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