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Afternoon Roundup

The Joey Porter Billboard becomes larger than I ever anticipated, as picks up on it today. And With Leather, who mentioned the Porter billboard yesterday, already has a photoshopped version featuring another prominent NFL player:'s Jayson Stark gives us the 10 most overrated baseball players. Good stuff.

Who's to blame for the Bengal legal woes? The Cincinnati police, of course! At least that's what Marvin Lewis said.

Former Penguin Rick Tocchet says, yes, he ran a gambling ring.

The lid is ready to be blown off of the Major League Baseball steroid scandal by a Mets clubhouse guy.

Much like everywhere else he's played, they still hate Raul Mondesi in Los Angeles.

Meet defenseman Jonathan D'Aversa, your newest Pittsburgh Penguin.

More great news from the Michael Vick case: the dogs are probably going to be put down. This story just keeps getting better and better.

Did you know Seinfeld's "Elaine" (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) has a father worth $3.4 billion? Did you care?

Big news in the baseball card world...Upper Deck is looking to buy Topps. How many of you blew your allowances trying to get that Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck rookie card in 1989?

A Massachusetts drug addict crawled through a Wendy's drive-through window to commit a robbery. He passed on their new 99-cent Buffalo Chicken sandwich. releases 90 million US war records online, including the names of over 3.5 million soldiers.

A nominee for t-shirt of the year, from Deadspin:


Russell Lucas said...

I like it better when Deadspin picks up the Mondesi items than when ESPN's ripoff blog runs them. And since Leitch doesn't like sloppy seconds and the WWL can afford to have an army of about-to-be-flashed-by-Sean Salisbury interns surfing the ebays for these kinds of items, get ready for espn marginalization of the sports irony infobahn.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

That Pac Man billboard reminds me of the Kevin Stevens "Don't Do Drugs" poster i had as a child.


even funnier, Stevens now works for the Pens.

Ever hear him on the Mark Madden show? He is supposed to be a scout, the guy doesn't sound like much of a scout.

Anonymous said...

Good for former Mets clubbie Kirk Radomski.

I always knew Tim Tueffel was juicing.