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A few selected links that have filled my inbox on a busy Wednesday...
The easy choice for email of the day was the Deadspin article telling us we need to root for the Golden State Warriors tonight. Thanks to all of you who sent it in. As one of Deadspin's emailers pointed out:
Folks who will have perhaps-unexpected interest in tonight's Golden State-Portland game: Pittsburgh Pirates fans. The Bucs have compiled 14 losing seasons -- and counting. The Warriors stand at 12 -- meaning at least that the Pirates have a friend in the double digits. Should GS win tonight, the next closest on the list are the Orioles (nine straight losing seasons), the Devil Rays (all nine of their seasons) and -- yes -- your Buzzsaw [Arizona Cardinals] (eight).

The perfect band for this year's Skyblast: Bon-Journey, the nation's only Bon Jovi & Journey tribute band. But we're too late...the triumvirate of Styx, Smash Mouth, and Povertyneck will entertain us in mid-August.
ESPN's Scott Burnside said Game Four looked like a goodbye for the Penguins.
From the "no comment necessary" department: Spezza: 'We want to bury [Penguins]'
Start sizing the guys for their rings...the Steeler sign free agent DE Nick Eason away from the Browns.
Anyone else catch 18-year-old freshman and Shadyside Academy alum Monty Singh Harika declaring for the NBA draft?
A man is accused of drunken lawnmower driving, and surprisingly, he doesn't play in the NFL.
Your new Incredible Hulk? Edward Norton.
When not blowing up, Colin Cowherd picks a fight with Keith Olbermann.
Paris Hilton and Hilton Hotels, OWNED by a guerilla graffiti artist

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Steeltown Mike said...

Heh. Bon-Journey! Outstanding!

Of course, this clown would try to blow up whatever venue they were playing.

Funny, Bloodhound Gang isn't even in the running...