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Malakar vs. Melichar

Although their last names are similar, I am here to clear up a common misconception: jettisoned American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar and Penguin Josef Melichar are not related. But that will not stop me from breaking down their numerous similarities outside of their names.
Malakar: Howard Stern,, teenage girls
Melichar: Michel Therrien, Ray Shero
Advantage: Malakar
Malakar: Simon Cowell
Melichar: Penguin Fans
Advantage: Melichar
Malakar: Positive attitude; cheesy stares into the camera; hair
Melichar: Second on the team in blocked shots
Advantage: Malakar
Malakar: Can't really sing
Melichar: Can't really play
Advantage: Push
Career High Point
Malakar: Making it to the final seven contestants of American Idol
Melichar: Still playing professional hockey 10 years after he was drafted
Advantage: Melichar
Career Low Point
Malakar: Singing "Something to Talk About" on Tuesday night
Melichar: His -42, 1997-98 season with Tri City of the WHL
Advantage: Malakar
Malakar: Eliminated from American Idol on Wednesday night
Melichar: Hopefully won't be eliminated from the playoffs on Thursday night
Advantage: Melichar
The result? A tie. But since the Penguins usually turn ties into shootout wins, I'll give the victory to Melichar.

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