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Time Magazine just released their list of candidates for the Time 100, the most influential people in the world. Among the nominees? How about Sidney Crosby?

Yes, it's true, Sid is up for election, right ahead of ABU HAMZA AL-MUHAJER, (a.k.a. Abu Ayyub al-Masri, for those of you scoring at home) on the ballot.

Highlights among the 203 nominees (statistics accurate as of April 25th at 5:13 PM EST):

--First is Steven Colbert, no relation to Kevin, with 91%

--Crosby is currently forth with 85%, just ahead of Bono and Steve Jobs

--Sanjaya is 12th. Howard Stern (27th) is giggling somewhere.

--Brangelina comes in at 9th (Jolie) and 13th (Pitt).

--Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) is currently 30th...three spots ahead of Bill Gates.

--Dane Cook is 79th. Scary.

--Our President is 84th. Behind Dane Cook. Scarier.

--Other sports figures getting smoked in the standings behind Crosby include Tiger Woods (59), Tony Dungy (99), David Beckham (111), Barry Bonds (126), and Dikembe Mutombo (151).

--I've never seen a competition in which Jay-Z would be tied with Katie Couric and Lou Dobbs

--Currently sitting in last place is Paris Hilton, at a paltry 18%. Kate Moss is closely on her trail at 22%. If anyone is influenced by Hilton or Moss, then the world is in serious trouble.

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1 comment:

Scott said...

How can they allow this list to be decided by a fan internet vote? Here I thought Time editors spent weeks to thoughtfully craft this list based on the merits of each individual.

And of course the idea of Sid on this list is absurd.