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Steelers Nab Mascot in Middle Round

Height: 6-6 Weight: 250 40-Time: 8.91

In addition to the three players the Steelers selected, they also picked up a new, unnamed mascot, shown with new uniform model Hines Ward in a recent publicity shot.

The new mascot will have a tremendous variety of duties, including public appearances, generating fan enthusiasm, and impersonating Bill Cowher:

Here's what we know about the mascot:

--He is no relation to previous mascot "The Terrible Fan"

--He is a distant cousin of the Pittsburgh Mauler mascot:

--Despite the perceived presence of this "distraction", Dan Rooney insists that another sideshow, cheerleaders, will not be coming to Heinz Field anytime soon.

--You can take your shot at giving this unnamed mascot a name at the Steelers' website


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I was hoping they went with the big thing that looked like a Twinkie that they used in the 80s when I heard about a mascot.

Does anyone else remember seeing that thing on TV during games as a kid and trying to figure out what the hell it was?

Unknown said...

For any DVE listeners out there, can we get a campaign started to name this thing Stanley P. Kuchowski, Tino Martino, or "______" (insert name here) from Blawnox?

Joe said...

I've never understood Steeler fans' collective aversion to cheerleaders. Mascots, yes, they suck. But the last time I checked, cheerleaders are hot women wearing not all that much--where's the downside?

OTOH, since Western PA has worse demographics than Children of Men, maybe they're just worried that any cheerleader search would end badly, revealing an utter lack of local talent.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

When it comes down to sideline distractions, give me cheerleaders, or give me nothing at all. Cheerleaders wearing nothing at all are also acceptable.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I think most Steeler fans aversion to cheerleaders is that perhaps they feel like they're a cheap ploy teams use through sex appeal to get attention.

We don't need that. But if we wanted them, I think if they could scrounge up enough hot chicks in Buffalo to fill out a squad, they could do it in Pittsburgh too.

A mascot, no biggie. We had one of those like 10 years ago.

Unknown said...

Yeh we've been talking about the new Steelers mascot over at Highbrid Nation. Our readers don't seem to care for him but I'm sitting on the fence. Its just hard for me to picture the guy lasting to long. My vote for his name though? Terrible Terry :)

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I still want the Twinkie thing back.

tecmo said...

honestly, what was that twinkie thing?

Anonymous said... was supposed to be a giant Terrible Towel.

Does anyone remember the "Huddles" mascots that he NFL puchd upon us in the early 1980's?

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I do remember the Huddles mascots, i had a Huddles coloring book as a kid, the Steelers mascot was a generic steel worker, who looked way better than the mascot they are trying to push on us now.

I am not happy about the new mascot. Why do we need a mascot? I was proud of the fact that we didn't have or need a mascot. I feel the same way about cheerleaders, we do not need them. The Steelers are all about winning and playing hard, not stupid distractions on the sidelines.

Why is our mascot smiling? The mascot should portray the Steelers as a tough team, thus the steel worker image with the stubble, but why the big smile?

As for the old mascot, they have a nice display of him at the Pittsburgh Sports History Mueaum. And yes, it is supposed to be a giant Terrible Towel

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Here is a link to the sale of a Huddles Pin so you can see what the made up 80s mascot for the Steelers was: