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Gardocki and His Unblocked Kicks To Move On


HEIGHT 6'2" WEIGHT 229 40-TIME 4.59

In a move that officially ended the era of Chris Gardocki's unblocked punts, the Steelers traded up to draft punter Daniel Sepulveda from Baylor in the fourth round. Sepulveda is a two-time winner of the Ray Guy Award, handed out to the nation's best punter. This continues the Steelers' 2007 draft theme of trophy winners from yesterday, when they drafted Lombardi winner Lamarr Woodley and Mackey winner Matt Spaeth.

So what can I tell you about our new punter?

--Last year, averaged 46.18 yards per punt, had 19 kicks of 50 yards+, placed 13 inside the 20, and had a long of 78 yards, at Missouri. But he did have four punts blocked in his college career. Hey, there's only one Gardocki.

--Has a history of problems with his right (non-kicking) leg. How did he do it, you ask? He tore his ACL in a basketball game. And the Steeler basketball team, excited over yesterday's drafting of Matt Spaeth, groans in frustration.

--He was an accounting major. No "General Studies" here.

--Walked-on to the Baylor team in 2002. summary notes that he has "good chest thickness, muscular arms, tight waist, tapered thighs and calves". Who wrote this, Ladies...or Girls Gone Sports?

--One of 13 players in NCAA Division I history to win a major national award two times

--Chris Gardocki holds the NFL record for most consecutive punts with no blocks: 1,177. Gardocki has never had a punt blocked in his NFL career. Just wanted to say that one more time.

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save the steagles said...

Tomlin was interviewed about this pick and hilariously noted that "at Baylor they seem to punt quite a bit" or something to that effect. Love Tomlin and love that we finally have a new punter.

bizzo5000 said...

You do not draft a punter in the 4th round. Period.

Dirty Sanchez said...

If it means ditching Gardocki and his 30 yard line drive punts, I'm all for it. Our 2nd day picks usually suck and get cut in training camp anyway, might as well draft a punter in the 4th round.

Unknown said...

I know that Gardocki statistically has no punts blocked, but we all know that he has had plenty of punts 'batted down' that just happened to go 9+ yards, barely. So i wish he'd quit saying he never had a punt blocked....Gardocki was garbage..GO STEELERS