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Recapping the Fall of the QB

The kind proprietor of was nice enough to send me some screen caps of some recent QBs whose draft-day stock fell fast and furious. Enjoy.

"A Photo Essay:
The Anguished Look of a Young Man Who's Just Lost Millions of Dollars"
2004: Ben Roethlisberger is passed over by the Giants and Chargers for Eli Manning and Phil Rivers. Good move by the Giants, who only had to give up three Pro Bowlers and $54 million for Eli.
2005: Aaron Rodgers is passed over in favor of Alex Smith. Rodgers is drafted by Green Bay, and has never been seen since. He will be the upcoming feature on a revived version of Unsolved Mysteries.
2006: Matt Leinart, consensus #1 pick the entire season, slips past Mario Williams, Reggie Bush, Vince Young, and half of the free world until he's finally selected by Arizona.
2007: Brady Quinn is passed on by the Raiders, Browns, Vikings, Dolphins, and 17 other teams before Cleveland mortgages the future and trades to select him. Darren Rovell estimates that Quinn's slide cost him at least $17 million.
Bonus: Brady's YouTube reaction when the Dolphins selected Ted Ginn:

Double Bonus:
Quinn gets roundly booed when introduced at the draft by Deion Sanders:


E Buzz said...

Deion is a jagoff.

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Week One: PIT @ CLE (9/9)

Welcome to the AFC North, Metro.