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LAWRENCE TIMMONS: "Timmons To Replace Porter, Buy Pit Bulls"--

LAMARR WOODLEY: "Steelers Get Wood"--

MATT SPAETH: "Steelers Draft Spaeth; Steeler Basketball Team Ecstatic"--

NEW STEELER MASCOT: "Steelers Nab Mascot in Middle Round"--

DANIEL SEPULVEDA: "Gardocki and His Unblocked Kicks To Move On"--

RYAN MCBEAN: "Steelers Draft Cowboy"--

CAMERON STEPHENSON: "Steelers Make Unsexy Yet Sensible Pick--

WILLIAM GAY: "Save Your Jokes"--

DALLAS BAKER: "Steelers Add Champion To Close Draft"--

Mondesi Interview:
My Draft Recap with 105.9 The X (with audio)--

The Fall of Brady Quinn:
"A Photo Essay:
The Anguished Look of a Young Man Who's Just Lost Millions of Dollars"

Video Find:
Punter Daniel Sepulveda Blows Up a Punt Returner

Local Guys:
Pitt, PSU and WVU draftees and free agent signees
Tyler Palko signs with Saints

Site news
Due to the extreme interest in the NFL Draft, the Monday Mailbag will be bumped to Tuesday. Based on the volume of email I already have, this will probably be the longest ever, which is saying something, considering each mailbag is usually 3,000 words or more. So let's go for the gusto.
Please email me with any thoughts or issues you'd like me to address, or anything else that crosses your mind. Draft, Steelers, Pirates, Pens, Pitt, Spiderman...whatever's on your mind.

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