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Poppin Bottles With Models...and Logans

Well, it's not quite the "My Girl Got a Girlfriend" party that PacMan hosted last year, but Pittsburgh wants to remind everyone that their football players can host nightclub parties too.

How did I find out about this, you ask? A loyal reader and contributor sent the scan along with this note:
It looks like we might have our own Vince Young on the Steelers roster. Poppin' Bottles with Models... with a guest appearance by McKeesport's own Mike Logan! (he is McKeesport's most famous citizen, just above the chick who microwaved the fake penis at Get Go and the dude who kept the runaway teen in his attic for 14 years)

Imagine my surprise when I received my invitation to this exclusive red carpet event. Somehow, I don't think it is too exclusive... this flyer was shoved under the windshield wiper of my car the other night when I went to the strip to check out Bon-Journey.
Tell me one of you out there is planning on attending this. And tell me Mike Logan doesn't make it rain liked Mario Williams just did.


Unknown said...

What is it with WVU grads and these things?

TheStarterWife said...

Chris "The Crowd Pleaser" is still around Pittsburgh? Really?


tecmo said...

what? no love for mckeesport's own russell stuvaints? i saw him in a mckeesport mcdonalds once

AJ said...

Youngstown State alumni should never be mentioned in the same breathe as the microwave penis people.

then again... the microwave penis people are probably YSU alumni.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "fresh kicks" are considered permissible attire.