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Sid Had a Secret

Anyone notice a difference in Sidney Crosby's performance over the past 2 1/2 weeks of the regular season and all of the playoffs? Me neither. He scored five goals and added nine assists in his final 11 regular season games. In his five playoff games he led the team with five points and three goals.
Why is this significant, you ask? Well, it's all the more amazing when you find out that he did this with a broken foot, as Sid revealed on Saturday when he explained why he won't play in the upcoming world championships in Moscow:
"The first two weeks were pretty sore," Crosby said as the Penguins players assembled Saturday before breaking for the summer. "After a couple of weeks, it starts to heal and it got a little better after that. It just needs time. ... After a couple of weeks, it didn't have any effect."
A Penguin playing well despite serious injuries...gee, haven't heard that legendary script before...
We already knew Sid was perfect and perhaps a distant relative of Superman; now we know that in addition to all of his other attributes, he can keep a huge secret better than anyone else, too. That being said, rest that foot and get well soon, 87!


Matt said...

I was amazed to hear this news. There were no indications of anything being wrong, as he was still skating better than any other Penguin. Along with his amazing talent, he is going to be absolutely worshipped by Pittsburghers if he starts making a habit of playing through injuries like this.

Wait 'Til Next Year

Real McCoy said...

Interesting to see how Sid played through his injury in comparison to Large Ben and his broken, then not broken toe.

I think the less we hear from Ben the better. After his production last year I hope he learned some lessons, did a little growing up, and puts more effort into his preperation.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Ben didn't get along with Cowher. Ben didn't get along with Whisenhunt. Hopefully Tomlin will light a fire under his ass and get Roethlisburger more focused. On football and not poon, that is.

tecmo said...

"On football and not poon, that is."

poon=carson daly