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Pitt vs. Penn State, Again

In November, I unintentionally stirred up quite a hornet's nest with a simple discussion on why Pitt and Penn State no longer continue their football rivalry.
Well, here we are in April, and the topic hasn't gone away. In fact, the debate is raging on stronger than ever around the net., my go-to Panther site, had a lengthy, must-read post a few days ago that really rattled some cages (doesn't every Pitt-PSU discussion?), generating hundreds of heated comments, including statements such as:
I will rejoice when Paterno dies. He is Saddam rolled up in Castro with a dusting of Hitler. Enough said.

Comment by geeman2001 04.16.07 @ 2:29 pm
Little harsh and uncalled for, don't ya think, Geeman?
Around these parts, we have "Adam the Penn State Fan", a die-hard Lion supporter who even comments about PSU issues on items not mentioning Penn State. Adam takes yours truly to task with "Rebuttle [sic] to Mondesi's House Penn State Article" on his newly-renovated blog, "Three Rivers Drama".
Another piece of related content is the recent Daily Collegian Online article with the headline, "Spokesman: Pitt rivalry not possible". And don't leave out the thoughts of Penn State site Black Shoe Diaries, who also addressed the state of the rivalry.
You may choose to come down on the Pitt side or the Penn State side, and you're entitled to your opinion. But whatever the case, here's a fact neither side can debate: the mere mention of the rivalry causes a world of controversy and discussion.


Unknown said...

I go to Penn State.

But I'm a Pitt fan.

It's Paterno's fault they don't play any more.

'Nuff said.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Apparently, Adam was skipping school to blog the day his spelling class tackled the word "rebuttal"

AJ said...

By the way... anybody else see the irony in the Playoff Beard shirt being awarded the day after the Pens are eliminated.

Maybe we can start growing beards until the Pirates finish above .500? At this rate, half the city will look like ZZ Top by the time Adam Laroche heats up.

mondesishouse said...

I assume the playoff beard t-shirt is purely for collectible purposes at this point.

Adam said...

Actually Zanzabar, Bethel has been in the news for gun threats lately. 1200 kids skipped school Thursday, and more skipped today, including me. So yes, my spelling failed me.

Unknown said...

Has PSU-Pitt not reached 'dead horse' status yet? I'm a Pitt grad, I want it to happen, but its not going to, at least not until a certain sunglasses, black Nike wearin' individual is retired/6 feet under. And I just contradicted my first sentence by blathering on...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Someone on Pitt blather said they hope Pitt and Penn State don't play again so that JoePa can go to his grave knowing that the last time he got to play Pitt in his life, they beat him

I agree. I have switched my opinion and now hope that Pitt and Penn State don't play again until JoePa bites the big one.

And by the way, I thought that me going to USF and being a big Pitt fan was odd, but nascent totally has me beat!!!!

(PS. How does a supposed "dead" rivalry repeatedly stir up this much shit?)

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

By the way, if talking about Pitt and Penn State online was profitable, Adam would be a young entrepeneur right now.

Seriously, I never see the kid talk about anything else.

Unknown said...

Well Louis, when you grow up in Pittsburgh in a family of die-hard Pitt's hard to turn your back on the family, y'know?