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Odds and Ends

The PG describes the Pens as desperate for game four. Yep, that sounds about right.
It looks like Vince Young will be the cover boy for Madden 2008. If the Titans season wasn't bad enough with PacMan's suspension and Lendale White gaining 200 pounds, now this happens.
Jim Tracy says he doesn't throw food, and Bob Walk continues to rip on Jason Bay for that throw last week. (PG Pirates Notebook)
You are not seeing things: that was former ESPN employee Jason Whitlock on Oprah yesterday (with video!) discussing all things Imus.
As I mentioned earlier, Pitt basketballer/rapper Keith Benjamin was arrested last night in the Hill District.
NBA ref Joey Crawford is suspended indefinitely for the Duncan "laugh" technical from Sunday afternoon. Just don't air your grievances towards Mark Cuban.

The Sanjaya War Dialer uses your computers modem to automatically dial the American Idol voting number over and over and over again. Ahhh, technology.

Framingham State College is hosting a tournament of the best table hockey players in the world on Saturday. Unfortunately, it will not be aired on Versus.

And to close...this email can't wait until the next mailbag. From notorious time-killer Brad D...

"Didn't know if you had received this one before, this one has almost any video game you can imagine from your youth, on multiple systems, primarily streamed online."

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