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Wake Up...the Steelers Are Bringing In Free Agents

The Steelers waited until Denver signed or traded for every available impact player on the market and have decided they ought to bring in a player or two to visit our fine city.
First up is Patriot LB Tully Banta-Cain, a four-yet vet and one-year starter who amassed 5.5 sacks last season. So let me get this straight...the Patriots get Adalius Thomas, somone else gets Joey Porter, and the Steelers get Tully Banta-Cain? That sounds like a crappy game of free agent musical chairs to me.
Of course, I'm being cynical, because the Steelers' personnel decisions are usually A-OK with me. Besides, Tully Banta-Cain might not be all that bad. He's not only the cousin of former SF Giant Jeffrey "One Flap Down" Leonard, but he's also the cousin of NBA forward Rodney Rogers. That fact is so impressive, the Patriots actually mention it twice on his official bio.
The Steelers also entertained former Pitt punter Andy Lee for a visit. Given the fact that Lee spent four years here, he probably has a general idea of what to expect from the city, although I'm sure that new casino is a real selling point. Let's hope he's a gambler. He would be worth signing just so we don't have to hear about Chris Gardocki's unblocked punt record each time he drops back for another less-than-mediocre kick.
Although Lee is not a cousin of any professional athletes, he somehow managed to average 44.8 yards per kick last year in the swirling winds of San Francisco. He would appear to be an upgrade over the 37-year-old Gardocki, who was a favorite with the outgoing coaching staff. Maybe Gardocki can kick unblocked punts for the Cardinals this season.
If these signings don't pan out, I think the Steelers should sign Raymond Burgess from the practice squad. If you don't know who Raymond Burgess is, scroll down the page (past Real Life Beavis) and read the post after that. And then you'll get the joke.

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