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Rocky VII

This just eyewitness at the Joey Porter-Levi Jones fight last weekend described the melee as "something out of a Rocky movie".

On Tuesday, witness Dave Benz came forward, describing the fight as something out of a "Rocky" movie.

"They were throwing down," said Benz. "They must have each gotten in a good three or four swings. Then all of a sudden, the bigger guy who I found out later was Levi Jones, picked up Joey Porter and tossed him probably 10 feet like he was a rag doll."

Benz said there was about 10 seconds where people broke the fight up, but said Porter broke loose and went after Jones again.

"Joey Porter broke free and ran full sprint at Levi Jones and dove through the air at him like he was trying to tackle Ladanian Tomlinson. Took him down with a tackle, then the two of them got up. They were throwing fists again. It sounded like a 'Rocky' movie."

Benz said Porter later kicked Jones in the head, causing some bleeding.

Benz said the whole incident started when Porter confronted Jones while he was playing poker.

That certainly sounds like a pleasant situation. I can't wait for the inevitable video footage, since every square inch of Vegas is caught on film.

In other Porter-Jones news, it looks like Dolphin fans are actually excited by the turn of events in Vegas.

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vinnie said...

I miss him already. Diving through the air -- indeed Joey, indeed.