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Morning Wrapup

The Pens and the Government have "the sitdown" meeting today in Philly. Special guest MC Gary Bettman will be on hand. Maybe it's just me, but I just don't like a meeting about the Penguins' fate being held in the Flyers' backyard.

Houston officially dropped out of the bidding for the Penguins. They're going to put every penny possible towards signing Roger Clemens in June.

Rizzo Sports thinks the Penguins will never leave. I like his optimism.

What's Jim Balsillie up to these days? Oh, stepping down as the head of Research in Motion.

On the other hand, "With Leather" thinks the Pens to Las Vegas is a no-brainer.

Joey Porter thinks he'd be a Steeler if Bill Cowher was still here. Yeah, he'd be a Steeler...holding out for more money.

Raise the JR: the Pirates FINALLY win a spring training game.

Jamal Lewis signs with the Browns. Nothing like a declining, injury-prone running back who spent four months in prison to boost team morale.

Here's a new entry in the Anna Nicole baby sweepstakes: O.J.

From the "I can't believe he said that" department: Mike Krzyzewski Says He Regrets That Tyler Hansbrough Can’t Take a Punch

2007's been a tough year. First, we lose Anna Nicole Smith. And now, Captain America dies.

A simply fantastic Bill Simmons parody

From the "Captain Obvious" department comes this headline: Felons possessing firearms often escape jail time.

Follow this one: Johnny Carson's widow finally sells his $42 million mansion, in a deal brokered by none other than Don Rickles.

Watch as Carmen Electra pretends to give money to a homeless person. One of the worst pictures I've seen in quite a while.

I don't know what's scarier: the fact that I just watched a video of a person playing the Tetris song on the piano, or the fact that over 1.9 million other people have.

Finally, Bugs and Cranks is calling all Pirate fans for their memories from the 14-year drought. Wow, that's a lot of bad memories:

"Maybe you recall the day Pirates journeyman starter Dan Serafini pitched the game of his life and tossed a two hit shut-out against your favorite team. Maybe you ran into Brian Giles buying razorblades at the Eckerd in Crafton. Maybe there was this one time you had to pick your cousin up from the airport so you left a blow-out against the Cardinals and didn’t realize until you were in the car that you’d missed Jason Kendall hitting for the cycle. Okay, so that probably didn’t happen to anyone else, but you get the idea.

It doesn’t matter what team you root for, or what kind of story it is, if it involves the Pirates and it’s from the last 14 years, I want to hear about it. Send any and all responses to and I’ll publish the best ones here in an on-going project called “Memories From the Streak.”

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