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The Afternoon Killer

Pens win in a shootout....we are officially living the real-life Groundhog Day

The Pitt women advance to round two and a showdown with Tennessee. Marcedes Walker scares me.

Pitt's coming for you, Ben Howland

Carlee Roethlisberger, hoops star

A Christy Mathewson signed baseball sells for $161,000---a new record for a single-signed baseball

What do you think...should we finish off Heinz Field?

Is Bill Simmons a ghost writer?

Terrible Towel-shoe shiner T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a strong supporter of tougher penalties to NFL players who run afoul of the law

Remember the Rap Cat link from a few weeks ago? Looks like he's created some real controversy

Howard Stern...out to ruin American Idol with his support of Sanjaya

Nothing like a chicken fat spill to slow down traffic

Here's a website that has EVERY SOUTH PARK EPISODE EVER --- for free!

Anyone plan on attending the $10,000 a plate dinner at the Egypt pyramids?

Nothing like finding a naked stranger in your grandma's bed

1 comment:

tbart213 said...

Heinz will never hold the sound in like Three Rivers did, which was cool.

But I wouldn't mess with it.