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The Afternoon Killer

Pens win in a shootout....we are officially living the real-life Groundhog Day

The Pitt women advance to round two and a showdown with Tennessee. Marcedes Walker scares me.

Pitt's coming for you, Ben Howland

Carlee Roethlisberger, hoops star

A Christy Mathewson signed baseball sells for $161,000---a new record for a single-signed baseball

What do you think...should we finish off Heinz Field?

Is Bill Simmons a ghost writer?

Terrible Towel-shoe shiner T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a strong supporter of tougher penalties to NFL players who run afoul of the law

Remember the Rap Cat link from a few weeks ago? Looks like he's created some real controversy

Howard Stern...out to ruin American Idol with his support of Sanjaya

Nothing like a chicken fat spill to slow down traffic

Here's a website that has EVERY SOUTH PARK EPISODE EVER --- for free!

Anyone plan on attending the $10,000 a plate dinner at the Egypt pyramids?

Nothing like finding a naked stranger in your grandma's bed


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I actually live in Hillsborough County in Florida, and have a cat, and eat Checkers.

And the cat scratches me all the time when I just try to pick it up! Will picking the cat up now be deemed inhumane?

I'm sorry, these people getting mad about this just seem like they're nitpicking.

tbart213 said...

Heinz will never hold the sound in like Three Rivers did, which was cool.

But I wouldn't mess with it.