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The Afternoon Killer

Rest in peace, Elbie Nickel. For you kids out there, Elbie Nickel was the Steelers' all-time record holder for passes caught in a season, a record he held from 1953-69. He is their all-time leader with 329 catches by a tight end, a mark Heath Miller will surpass only if he plays for 30 years.

Unlike Elbie Nickel, former Steeler WR Troy Edwards didn't die. He's actually playing in the Arena league, which means we'll probably see a lot of him on ESPN.

Set your TiVo for March 24, when Peyton Manning hosts SNL. Cut that meat! Cuuuut that meat!

Raise the Jolly Roger...Penn State wins their 2nd Big Ten hoops game of the year!

Here's a countdown of the top 16 Super Bowl XL audio clips. My favorite, not listed, was Al Michaels' "They call him Faaaaast Willie Parker!"

Len Pasquarelli/Don Vito gives us his list of the top 30 NFL free agents.

ESPN gives us a simulted MLB team with a payroll of nearly $1 billion...that wins 70 games.

Some truly exciting news...the Geico Cavemen are getting an ABC sitcom! Johnny Damon circa 2004 has already accepted a role.

Welcome Checkers' restaurant's Rap Cat. Their homepage is tolerable for 2.3 seconds.

Bobby Brown was bailed out of jail by a radio station. Seems to make sense.

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