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The Wrestling Dad

Readers must really want me to post this, because it's been submitted numerous times in the hotly contested quest for the Sidney Crosby Rookie Card. After careful consideration, yeah, I think it's pretty awesome.


Steeltown Mike said...

What's sad is that there are people out there who think that's acceptable behavior, even after the heat-of-the-moment fervor has worn down.

On a much brigher note, Anna Davlantes is the hottest number in Chicago broadcasting.

Anonymous said...

Oh its such a bad thing to do. Anyways, thanks for sharing this video with us.

And do, check this dad's

Meadowbrookalum1 said...

Granted, this is very bad, but I've seen interviews saying that the father was just protecting his son. Its not like the father stopped the match because his kid was losing. His kid had an injured shoulder and it was getting worked on pretty bad. The dad was pissed because the other father (holding the video camera) told his son to attack the injured shoulder. If anything, the offending father should've gone after the referee instead of tossing the kid. Tossing the kid was bad, but how many of us are fathers and can truly say how we would've reacted in that situation if our own son was getting hurt like that.

Bob said...

If his shoulder was injured, he shouldn't have been playing. The dad in question submitted him to that no doubt.

Then to top it off, he taught his own son a valuable lesson. When things get really tough, daddy will take care of it for you.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Being a former high school wrestler i've been in similar situations, eg. watching matches where kids are getting hurt by "chicken wings" and the ref nor the coaches are doing anything about it. It made me want to stop the match, and i didnt even know either of the wrestlers involved.

I don't blame the father for stopping the match if his child was being injured, especially if the other wrestlers father was telling his son to exploit the injury.