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Pens=Kobe, Tiki on NBC, Dan Hawkins Audio, Hardaway is Anti-Gay, South Park Big 10 Coaches

The Penguins remind me of Kobe Bryant. You know, those stories about how Kobe let the opponent back in the game in high school, only to cut their throat when the game was on the line. Last night, the Pens gave us another exciting shootout win after letting a 3-1 lead evaporate against Chicago.
I can't wait for the arrival of Tiki Barber as a full-time member of the media this season. Maybe he can interview Michael Strahan while Strahan eats a hot dog.

Here's the
audio of Colorado coach Dan Hawkins mentally melting down. A great excuse for ESPN to pull out video of Jim Mora, Herm Edwards, and Dennis Green for the 800th time.

Tim Hardaway's anti-gay comments
aren't going away anytime soon

Remember when I mentioned Bill Simmons' sudden interest in college hoops? Well, this guy noticed, and
gives his thoughts. Great read. (from Deadspin)

Here are 8
real diseases that give you superpowers (from

Nine people
living the American dream through the internet. This makes my head spin.
Cowgirl/SI columnist Jenn Sterger has a lot in common with Wikipedia

A photo of the Big Ten football coaches, in South Park form

Watch as I did when I was a little Mondesi, I never remembered this clip of the girls on Facts of Life buying bongs.


Adam said...

I stand by what I said about the game in Columbus next week. It's not like OSU put the scrubs in and we were coming back on them, Oden and conley were in for most of the comeback, and so was butler. Even when PSU was within 9, they tried to stop it, but Penn State still rallied. if they had gone into OT, Penn State wins. Next week, its gonna be a battle, i can promise that.

I love the big 10 coaches in south park form. whered the come from?

Pitt is getting a 2 seed. and, if they screw up the rest of the year, maybe a 3. but certainly not a 1. you have to beat a ranked team to get that.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Wrong thread idiot.

You are proving a theory of mine wrong through, the are indeed more than zero PSU basketball fans.

vinnie said...

Maybe you were stoned when that episode aired, I know I was!