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What I Learned Last Night

For those of you smart enough to go to bed and not wait around for our favorite goateed QB's appearance on Carson Daly's show, here's what you missed:
--Ben said he has no girlfriend, so rumored squeeze Missy Peregrym must have some very hurt feelings.
--Ben must really like pinstriped suits, because he wore one yet again on national TV.
--Shawn Marion still hasn't paid off his bet with Ben from that Phoenix Suns shootaround.
--He's happy that Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl. Aren't we all.
--He mentioned he "lost his coach, offensive coordinator, QB coach...I lost everybody".
I also learned that..
--Carson Daly looks like he's lost a lot of weight.
--The show has some truly terrible "comedy" bits.
--I probably won't watch this show again unless Evgeni Malkin and his translator are the guests.


tbart213 said...

I can't believe you'll miss the Gwenjen appearance on Carson Daly's show. It's just a matter of time.

SycoPhant said...

Here's a link to the interview on Youtube