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Karaoke Jam with Mr. Belding and Tony Romo

Yes, I know this was up for a few days, and I admit that I totally ignored this when it hit the net. But this is one of those clips (much like Wrestling Dad) that so many people are sending that I felt obligated to check out. I'm glad I did.
So here's the story...some band called "Metal Skool", in the midst of a concert, asks former Saved by the Bell principal "Mr. Belding" (Dennis Haskins) to join them onstage (erroneously calling him Mr. Belvedere in the process). The lead singer tells the crowd about how they did blow with Haskins and Screech backstage. Then, the band then telling "F-ing jerk" Tony Romo to join them onstage. We are then treated to a Metal Skool/Belding/Romo rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'. Don't worry, Romo didn't fumble the microphone.

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