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Welcome "Empty Netters"

The good folks at the Post-Gazette wrote in today to inform me of a new, blog-style feature they'll be running about the Penguins. It's called "Empty Netters" and is presented much like the popular "Blog N Gold" feature that the PG runs for the Steelers.
The first installment of Empty Netters kicked off with who else? GwenJen. Their debut page linked to the Legend of GwenJen article from a few days back, but better judgment kicked in and they decided to take it down as a result of the rather randy language that some of you display. I felt like a parent embarrassed by their bad kid.
Since then, I now see that the presence of GwenJen is back up on Empty Netters, this time with a simple link straight to the infamous photo that started it all.

I also received an email from the person who informed GwenJen of this photo, who I can now credit/blame for creating this monster. I would release his name but I'm not 100% sure that it's supposed to be public information. He told me that he's been friends with her since age 12 and that he tipped her off to her recent Mondesi appearance. I can only say that a legion of people who enjoy arguing on my comment boards, as well as the infamous GwenJen, thank you greatly for your intervention.


Dirty Sanchez said...

Empty Netter = Easy score. When I first saw the topic, I thought the Post-Gazette was calling out the two girls as a couple of "empty netters".

Sean said...

Any chance that you have a different picture of GwenJen you could use? I think you have used this picture with Malkin 4 or 5 times. Thanks.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I say stick her head on Iceburgh's body and use that as the Mondesi's house official Penguins mascot.

And sorry about the colorful language Raul, maybe u have some Lifeboy soap for us to stick in our mouths?

Adam said...

Well, I finally got to read the GwenJen comments, and I was shocked to read stuff like this:

"Personally, I think it's better... but it's hard to say for sure until Adam gets involved. "

I'm flattered. It's not an arguement here until I get involved?

Now, I'm not here to argue which argument was better. I think it's adding apples and oranges. The Pitt-Penn State debate was a sports arguement, and the GwenJen debate wasn't. Period. Let's not compare, because they were both epic in their own right.

By the way, crazy stuff out of the valley tonight. Unbelievable. I never, in a million years thought they'd come back. Next week in Columbus is gonna be a bloodbath. I'm calling it now: PSU 84 OSU 78. We figured out how to guard them in the second half. Look out next year. Once we have those horrible guards like Luber and Jackson gone, I think we can do some special things. Maybe a deep run in the NIT.

Anyway, I'd also like to agree with GwenJen when she said that that was a high schoolish debate. Being in high school, let me just say, I felt like I was at lunch.

alrite well, stay classy ppl

Sean said...

Ohio State will win by at least 20 against Penn State in Columbus.

Adam said...

did u even watch the game?

Dirty Sanchez said...

Maybe a deep run in the NIT... Way to aim high.

Ohio State's head coach should be furious for the way his team eased up in the 2nd half against a team that had no business being that close. The game in Columbus will not be close.

thegenerel said...

i dont even bother watching psu hoops anymore.

mondesishouse said...

I keep using the same picture because that's the joke...all of this hype and debate over one picture.

Lauren said...

how to you see the pictures? It's a private account?!