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GwenJen Speaks

Just into the Mondesi inbox...
Pittsburgh's favorite Penguin fan, GwenJen, takes me up on the offer to rebut to some of the harsh criticism received from readers. For those of you who are in the dark on this, I'd suggest reading this post before going any further.
So without futher delay, here are the words of GwenJen, totally unedited and uncensored:

"I have never turned down the opportunity to take the floor when given the chance.

I am not going to sit here and bash the folks that filled Mondesi's thread with harsh ridicule and criticism of my picture taken with Evgeni Malkin.

Instead I am going to take this opportunity to stick up for all female sports fans. Hockey, baseball, basketball, football whatever your poison, I personally find it very difficult in the twenty-first century to be a female sports fan. I know there are many of you out there who agree with me.

All it took was one blog and the thread that followed to open my eyes. To see what the general public had to say about an innocent picture of two attractive females with one of hockey's most talented up and coming stars. The comments that insured were a very harsh eye opener.

Now my question to the readers…If we were two “unattractive” females, or better yet males…would the picture have gotten the same amount of attention? Well, I can answer that myself.


In today's society, many women who love sports, for the most part are considered groupies or whores. With the slang terms “puck bunny” and “bat whore” to name a few, women, like myself find it very hard to enjoy the same sports as men, simply because of gender and looks.

I could post link after link after link of websites with guys and “unattractive” females posing with the same athletes as myself. But would this be of any pleasure? I think not. Would that provide you with ammunition and entertainment? Not a chance.

So why is it that when a good-looking female does pose with professional athletes it sends people into an uproar? I know there are certain women who ruin it for the rest of us, but until a few days ago I did not think I was in that category. But apparently I am. Apparently posing with Malkin was such a big deal to some that they had to hit hard. Blow after blow…low blows about two girls who's only wrong doing was posing for a picture and posting it on the Internet.

So again, going to take this opportunity to stick up for women everywhere. It is okay to be a female fan. It is okay to go to games, meet the athletes, have your pictures taken. People see my pictures, they make assumptions, but they do not know my love for hockey, nor do they care. They do not know that I do not just follow the Penguins, as a matter of fact some of my favorite players in the NHL are not even on the team. As far as the Penguins I am not a fair weather fan, I do not “like” them just because they happen to be on fire right now.

Everything happens for a reason. I guess you could say this is my mission. To break the stereotype of the “puck bunny” to liberate attractive females from the stigmas unfairly attached. Isn't this just so pathetic? That in 2007 this has to be an issue. If I had cock and balls instead of boobs this would have never been an topic of conversation, yet alone an interesting one. That's all. For now......

Ohh wait...One more thing. In Raul's "The legend of GwenJen" he made reference to Jen Sterger who ended up posing for Maxim and Playboy. Well Ironically I received a phone call today from Maxim saying I was selected for the first round of Hometown Hotties 2007. Before all of this came about……..Not so "busted" now, am I?

Can't wait to see what all my “fans” have to say about me now………"




Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Hey, I loved these pictures don't get me wrong and I've got no problem with you, but I think the "naked body paint with hockey players" pictures are maybe what led some people to their "assumptions", not the innocent looking picture of you guys and Malkin.

That said, you're pretty upset about this. It was just a bunch of people you don't know cracking jokes. It wasn't THAT big of a deal.

Now let me go jump into a bathtub full of hypodermic needles while I think about that Pitt game again.

................ said...
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Unknown said...

Two words. Anna Benson. That dumb skank ruined it for all females whohave any interest in professional sports. Thank her for all of this backlash. I see that her worthless husband is out for the year.

Personally, I think that if a girl really knows sports and isn't just bs'ing it's pretty hot.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Geez, when did this turn into an Oprah episode? It's a Sports Blog - Dick jokes, low-brow humor, bitching about the local teams, etc.

When the pics went up it was just a couple of anonymous chicks posing with a confused looking hockey player who doesn't speak English, so as you can imagine a few jokes were to ensue. I don't think anyone meant anything personal by it because we didn't know the first thing about you. Now that you've told us you're attractive/hot/fetching and a big time hockey fan, anything subsequent will have a different meaning because you're one of us.

That said, any picture of a girl with her boobs unencumbered and covered in body paint will probably draw a comment from me. Be warned ladies! ;)

................ said...
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Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

First of all, there are some of us that think it's hot when pretty chicas actually know and can follow sports. And other's that are scared of girls and feel that they are "hijacking all that is holy" about their sport...whatever that means. I really didn't think the most of the shit they were saying about you was particularly funny, but then again I've never had the frat-boy sense of humor.

That said, get over it. There is always going to be people talking shit about anyone else that they have differences with, from the first caveman talking shit on his neighbor for lack of a uni-brow to the dude in his upper 20's paying his paperboy money to his parents for rent and half-months groceries talking shit on girls cute enough to command a certain yound russian hockey player's attention. This world's a bunch of shit-talkers. Some of it's funny shit. Some of it is lame.

So now, just cheer the Pens and whatever other players u think R like soooo dreamy, and fuck it, teach some of your hot girlfriends...bring 'em to games!! There can never, ever be too many hot chicks following a sport IMHO.
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I would agree with everything you wrote had the other pictures on your site been of you doing charity work, and not someone passed out and "not in bed" with a Penguin. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

To all the other schmucks leaving comments on here. Don't hurt yourselves backpedaling so quick.

Sean said...

Fight the power!

Dirty Sanchez said...

Forget boobies? Why not ask me to forget Iron City and pepperoni pizza while you're at it??

gwenjenpgh69 said...

She is right, who cares about a pic with a hockey star. That's nothing. The whole topic was about her profile on myspace depicting pics of a drunkie or hookahh. Now, when a girl spends all her time on myspace, has no job, rambles on about nothing, acts like 3 instead of 26, demands to be the center of attention by any means, pictures, public, online, because of her low self esteem, what does that tell you. Had to laugh as she even said in one of her postings some people think she is a little "weird", can't remember the exact word, but when you admit that, that means others think the same. Fact in point is if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. If you don't want people to think in this manner, don't portray yourself as such. MAYBE a guy, MIGHT respect you someday enough to have a TRUE relationship and sex that you so dearly want, as in most of your postings. I am sure your nana and pop pop is so proud of you. In fact, they might even know about your profile.

gwenjenpgh69 said...

And no, I don't want you as a puckbunnie, friend, sex partner, or so on. Others may find you intriguing, but for only one reason, another notch. Better hope to keep that face, not much else going there, but anyhow, we all get old and the looks tend to fade anyhow. You remind me of an old girlfriend back in high school. Was basically your twin, sex kitten, makeup galore to hide the true looks, and her nickname was psycho by the classmates because she acted a little weird too. I did not keep her around too long.

................ said...
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................ said...
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Dirty Sanchez said...

Seriously guys... This place is enough of a sausage-fest, let's not run off one of the few senoritas that we have.

I say post pics and comments to your heart's content GJ.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I agree with some of the comments here. There were pictures that eluded to "extracurricular" activities with pro athletes, namely Penguins, on her Myspace and Photobucket pages.

Now, I say I have no problem with this because if her doing whatever she does with the Penguin players helps keep them playing like this, then I'm down with it.

However, someone who does not have "naked pictures with hockey players" should probably be the one to stick up for the women's right to be a sports fan or whatever. Like my sister. Huge sports fan, but really has no desire to meet or be buddy-buddy with all the players and do Lord knows what. She thinks most of them are ugly neanderthals, however, she enjoys following sports.

Furthermore, I just want an apology from her for putting that gnarly-ass drunk driving picture on her photobucket site. I was scarred for life by that shit!!

And last but not least, I am a VERY handsome and good-looking guy* but you don't see me on Mondesis House yapping about it to anyone who will listen!!

*according to my mother.

................ said...
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Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

People, life is short, have fun as long as yinz ain't hurtin anybody is what I live my life by...I friggin' wish I could be back home going to Penguin games and hanging out at bars which may or may not be frequented by pretty girls and Penguin players, but I'm stationed out here in the middle of the frickin' Mojave desert. Count your blessings and chill the fuck out everyone, sheesh.

And Raul, take her offer of showing the body painting pic of her...I'm always down to see a nice pair of blouse bunnies...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Interest... rapidly... fading... in this....and... it's gone.

I agree with Jon, like I said I got no problem with anything she does or doesn't do. But on the other hand, if some people here want to call what they believe to be a spade a spade, well you can't blame 'em.

And I know not to drive drunk. I think at this point EVERYONE on earth knows not to drive drunk. We don't need the ever-loving shit scared out of us by that to teach us that.

And finally, don't take all this shit so personal, half the time we're just being sarcastic assholes.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...
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Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...
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Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Gwenjenpgh: "(phone rings) Gwenjenpgh."
Gwenjenpgh69: "This is your doctor. I have your pregnancy report here, and guess what. You're-- You got knocked up. You should probably not go to Penguin games."
Gwenjenpgh: "Who is this?"
Gwenjenpgh69: "This is Dr. Chim... Dr. Chim Richalds."
Gwenjenpgh: "Gwenjenpgh69, is this you?"
Gwenjenpgh69: "I'm a professional doctor. You saw me. You don't remember. We-- You should move. You should get out of Pittsburgh
Gwenjenpgh: "This is pathetic."
Gwenjenpgh69: "You're pathetic."
Champ Kind: "What'd she say?"
Gwenjenpgh69: "She-- I don't-- I think she bought it."

And scene

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

And who didn't love this little polarizing subject, it was fun reading and really fun (at least for me) posting about it. And yes Gwennie, it wouldn't matter if Louis Lipps was my Starting Lineup doll was posing with Malkin in that picture...just a little bit troubling

puckbunniesrus said...

Just ask me and I will tell you where I am can bring your boxing invite

(Her friend Nicole already punched her first in the Miami Mauling. Pics to come soon to a site near you.)

Coming soon to a stripclub near Pittsburgh. A new stripper or in her terms, pirate wench/puck bunnie, etc, called GwenJen.

And the poor balloon head still don't realize that the controversy did not concern her or Malkins pic, but the nature of her in general.

eazye26 said...

ok so here is what i personally think:
when you give your information out and make a big deal about it yourself then too bad deal with the criticism and comments. if you make yourself public and try to make yourself famous and all this other crap people will bash you.

i really dont know what the big deal is either about having your picture taken with the penguins. i mean seriously i've had my picture taken with sports stars a lot of times and have thrown out the first pitch twice so whats the big deal again? i dont know either. and seriously i was out next to the pens and steelers in vip a few times already...and guess what i dont care and i dont think anyone else does either.

................ said...
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Syzslak11 said...

Yo, genius, Photobucket is not private. We were all able to see your lame photos a couple months ago. So if you don't want people to comment them...DON'T PUT THEM ON THE FREAKIN' INTERNET!

eazye26 said...

well i think i remember someone saying they made their myspace page open to the public or some crap like that so yeah giving out the info to the public. personally i'm one of the people who really doesnt care but its really annoying when this goes on and on and on for no reason. honestly why does it matter what someone is saying about you? i think you said it yourself even in some different words.

someone is always talking smack about everyone sometime in their life (i think that made sense) so why argue and get super PO then say oh bring it then oh i cant believe you people oh i changed my mind say what you want. who cares there are how many people in pittsburgh? the state? the country? the world? yeah someone will always be better looking, richer, smarter, nicer than you and someone will always be worse. thats life.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Well, i think u did have at least some of us seeing your point of view, but you were nothing but confrontational with each of your posts. Holy shnikies girl, get a friggin grip...this little corner of the web is a place the regular users use to discuss some 'Burgh topics and have the occasional laugh, and i'm not faulting you for taking offense at some of the ish that was said at your expense...that stuff would have gotten my goat too if I was attractive. But guess what, EVERYONE has somebody that talks shit on them -even the Pope- I believe that's where the phrase "Fuck 'em" came from.

And like with anyone that appears flustered, people that already determined that they didn't like you or what they thought you represented posted more and more stuff to antagonize you. And it appears they won that little battle. U let them get to you, as much as you don't want to admit it. Peace out Gwenjen, we hardly knew ya...and if you're a true fan, may I direct you to sweet-ass site full of pens highlights and obscure pop-culture references


Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

wow eazye26 we wrote some of the same things. Weird.

eazye26 said...

i'm just getting mad right now about the whole thing so maybe like 500000000 times of reading it people will understand.

hyzdufan said...

Forget this fucking soap opera. This blog is for sports talk. Oh no - someone insulted me on the big bad internet. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. File this under 'who gives a shit' and I'm a little upset I had to waste my time reading it. I'm going to bed now, and when I wake up, let's see some sports talk, none of this GwenJenLenJimKrenn shit.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said... here to Hyzdu, and the saga of GwenJenLenJimKrenn. I don't think Dick Vermiel and Marty Schottenheimer combined cried this much about something this meaningless

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I have four very profound words to conclude this with:

I like pie alot

tbart213 said...


I'd just like to say that the only reasons that I am not hittin gon you is that:

a.) I am married
b.) I am currently also dating a photograph of Trenni Kusnierek

But may you have a very happy valentines day.

Unknown said...

Adam Hyzdu has fans? You must be from Altoona.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Kind of like The Osbournes on MTV... Entertaining for a brief period, and then just as quickly it became annoying.

If Louis had a pic like that with Malkin, he would be required to change his name to "John Amaechi is my homeboy". I still say GJ requires a few shots (no matter how many times she tells us she's hot), her friends are still a lil skanky (and I'm not saying that's always a bad thing), and Steagles is the #1 seed.

Alright, back to dick jokes and bitching about Dave Littlefield.

hyzdufan said...

Peters Township / Johnstown / Charlotte, NC - close!

thegenerel said...

maybe its just me, but i dont find this girl attractive in the least bit. maybe ive always done better. who knows. one thing for sure, she has a larger beak than the 90's penguins logo.

btw Hyzdu, im from pt

Megatron said...

Ye, GwenJenLin. I see you have found yourself in quite a tiff, don't be amiss. As my fellow Cling-ons would say, "Bok nuk sen tu che ma." Which translates in your simple tongue as, "Yo, Puck bunny, you bore me, sit down, shut your yapper, bacause that is all you seem to do is talk about yourself, and go cry in your soup."

brilie54 said...
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brilie54 said...

Am I the only one who doesn't think these girls are very "attractive"? The one on the left is busted and the one on the right is a tad on the frumpy side.

Unknown said...

Wow, this is an interesting read for sure. I can SORT OF relate to the thing about being a good looking girl and liking sports and blah blah blah. BUT, and that's a big 'but', if you don't want to be called a puckbunny or have people judge you in the wrong way, you don't take slutty pictures with hockey players, regardless of where they are posted or who had access to them or whatever lame excuse you have to justify your sluttiness.
I don't want to sound arrogant, but I think I am definitely better looking than this GwenJen character (actually, probably most girls are), and I have taken pictures with hockey players out at the bars, but I guarantee if I posted them on MySpace no one would give a shit because I look like I'm dressed normally. You can give all the excuses you want for why you were wearing body paint in a picture with hockey players, but quite frankly, you wouldn't catch me in body paint period. That's just slutty without adding in the factor of the hockey guys.
Oh, and by the way, I'm not from Pittsburgh. Live in a whole different city with a whole different hockey team and I've even heard of GwenJen. That's how pathetic it is because she acts like she's upset that people don't like her, but she's the one going around promoting herself and splashing pictures of herself and her friends with bras on at the bar and holding their boobs and so on and so forth. So, hey, what else can I say? I think her original 'interview' is really a load of shit. She's using the goodlooking woman card. Pathetic really.

Unknown said...

GwenJen, (if that's actually your name I have slight pitty for you) I don't think the bashing on here was directed at your innocent pic with Malkin... but rather the tasteless painted Halloween ones. Please STOP telling people that you are on a mission to help female sports fans! It gives us a bad name. I have also 'been in the right place at the right time' with players. I, however, did not request a picture or autograph. I'm sure they would have given it to me, as I AM an attractive female, but I am not that shallow. I am a true fan and support them, and my favorite team (that was my favorite team last year when they SUCKED) and I support the players as well. That means RESPECTING them. I don't see what you do as respectful. Rather, I think you are dying for attention to improve your low self-esteem, and that is the reason for your actions. Men on this blog, there ARE true sports fans that are ATTRACTIVE females. You are intimidated by them. That is the reason women like GwenJen thrive, like a virus, they multiply based upon YOUR shallowness. Don't complain that we don't exist! ! ! Just because you're too busy looking at our tits to notice what's between our ears. The intelligent ones see right through your intentions and don't give you the attention you seek. Then you wind up with a puck bunny. See us for more than a pretty face, tight ass and pair of tits. You just might find yourself a true sports fan afterall! ! ! !

Unknown said...

Hey GwenJen,
I became known of you when I saw your name on a so called "puckbunny" board with some fan pics of you. I just thought you were another fan, then I heard all these rants and raves about you chasing the guys into bars and stuff. But after reading your comments and hearing what you have to say, I respect you. It is hard for us females to be fans for any sport with out getting smiles, and glares for egotistical men whole think we can't be real fans because we are female. For instance the last Penguins game I went to I was called a Puckbunny three times, but to the name callers amazement I knew more about the game then them. So I just wanted to say, I respect you and enjoyed reading your comments, and thanks for sticking up for us females.

Mikej3131 said...

Where can i see these photobucket pictures? can someone send me a link or send me the pictures???

briant560 said...

I actually don't think you are that attractive and neither is the blonde. Aren't we a little full of ourselves. I live in Florida and you aren't what we consider attractive in South Beach.