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Browns are Cursed, PacMan in Trouble, Stu Scott Pink Eye, Smizik's list, OJ Royalties, Simpsons Movie, More Britney

The curse of the Cleveland Browns goes on. It looks like their big free agent splurge of 2006, Lecharles Bentley, might miss 2007 as well.
Charlie Weis is claiming that surgeons accidentally left a nurse inside him during his 2002 gastric bypass surgery. Makes sense.
Did PacMan really threaten to kill a stripper at NBA All Star Weekend?
Stuart Scott has pink eye (yes, there's a picture). Boo-ya!
Brace yourselves: Bob Smizik did a list. And it's about the Penguins.
Ron Goldman wants OJ's 39 cents of royalties from Naked Gun movies. So if OJ mails it to him using a 39-cent stamp, he'll actually lose money on the deal.
A British soldier's postcard just arrived---92 years after he sent it. I don't ever want to hear another joke about the USPS being slow.
James Brown will finally be buried, about two months after he died. Howard K. Stern is claiming he is James' father.

Britney buzz theory: she cut off her hair because
K-Fed was going to have it tested for drugs. She also turned up at LA's Mondrian Hotel in an electric blue wig, shaving her legs at the pool and crying.
How about a trifecta of wake-up call videos for those of you just stumbling out of bed at noon:
We have another guy using fireworks to wake his sleeping buddy
And finally, the old "put a table over the guy, scream, and have him his head" move.

Here's the new, extended trailer for the Simpsons movie this summer. Remember, there are three members of the Pirate family in this movie, so it might not be that good.


Unknown said...

Bozo the columnist must have sat down with his great grandchild and made him write this article. It is an absolute piece of trash. He really went out on a limb there with his picks on why the Pens have turned it around this year. Great work Bozo, this article deserves some kind of award, no doubt.
Good talk cya out there.

Adam said...

Well, I just don't know what to say... I think Penn State showed their starting five matches up (I said matches up, not better than) with Ohio State, it's just the sad fact that the bench is non existant. Penn State just got worn down. Losing Luber didn't help... So go ahead, bash Penn State for losing 12 in a row, say whatever you want... youre allowed. Thats not going to make me apathetic toward Penn State basketball. We are on the fringe of something special. You know that feeling we all had about the Pens to start the year? Everyone knew they COULD do it, they just wern't sure if they would. That's how it is with Penn State. They aren't far. Who knows, if Milos didn't brick 3 wide open trays, we may be talking about the upset of the decade.

Pitt fans (if there are any) who endured the program pre-Howland know what I'm talking about. It's tough, but it makes the winnig that much sweeter.

So let the hate rain! Just remember, your football team still sucks, and the basketball team is destined to lose again in an early round to a team I've never heard of. AGAIN! Mark it down.

By the way, looked at Pitt football's non-conference for next year, which includes Grambling. That's funny. The best thing on the field will Grambling's band!

Sean said...

Can we please put a moratorium on any Penn State basketball discussions until the fall. Adam, please no more. You cannot talk trash when your team is 1-12 in conference.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Could you imagine if PSU was really good, like 4-9 or something? I mean they're "special and exciting" now at 1-12, if they were any better we would have to petition Raul to block Adam from the board.

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, Pitt sells out the Pete for every game. What do you mean "If there are any Pitt fans"?

Adam said...

what i meant was, pre Pete days, pre success, pre NCAAs annualy. And don;t worry, barring any crazy run in the big 10 tournament, you have heard the last of the penn state basketball discussion...until next year.

Anonymous said...

I'll assume that Dave Littlefield is Chief Wiggum.