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Pens in KC, Saban to Alabama, Hernandez to Bucs, Leinart Grabs Britney, Bloody Javon Walker, $20K Beatles Album

Pens meet with Kansas City reps today...Anschutz Entertainment Group announces a press conference for tomorrow morning...Lemieux & Burkle meet with Rendell and Onoravenstahl on Thursday

Pens 3, Carolina 0...Carolina loses the game, but may gain another Cowher family member very soon

New Year's resolutions for those in the NHL (actually, a great read)

Nick Saban, definitely not taking the Alabama job

Penn State over Miami, January 2, 1987: the day college football went to hell

Notre Dame to use a $4.5 Million bowl payout to build Charlie Weis a belt

Jose Hernandez returns to the Pirates for a third tour of duty. And why not? He hit .267 and he managed a strikeout every 4th at-bat. We're lucky we signed him before Billy Beane stole him away.

Surprise, surprise...Pirate season-ticket sales down 18% for 2007...but will soon rise with the signing of Hernandez

Mark McGwire, probably not in the Hall of Fame this year...

...but he should be, according to Bill Simmons

Matt Leinart rehabs shoulder by grabbing Britney Spears' butt and making out with her last weekend

Offseason issues for the already-eliminated NFL teams, courtesy of SI's Don Banks

The NFL Wives Club....proof that Peyton Manning is not married to Kenny Chesney

Photo evidence of Javon Walker's bloody shirt from the Darrent Williams murder

The official invitation to Kenyon Martin's birthday party, which Williams was attending

ESPN's final 2006 Power Rankings...I won't spoil them for you

Want to get Lindsay Lohan's attention? The bar has been set at $1 million in jewelry

The Beatles' "butcher" album, $20,000 and rising

MTV's Vanessa Minillo drops the first F-bomb of 2007 on live TV (video)

Tara Reid, screwing up the New Year's Eve countdown she was sure to catch the reaction of the guy around the 45 second mark (video)

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Anonymous said...

After looking at "The NFL Wives Club," you'd think Daunte Culpepper could do better. I thought that was John Randle with him until I read the caption. No wonder he got out of line on that boat party.

As for the Kenyon Martin invite, that party was on 12/27, Williams was shot on 12/31. Doesn't make sense...