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Monday is Go Time for Cowher

At long last, Bill Cowher will grant the Steelers and the general public with his decision on Monday. For the man who had to live with his family in North Carolina, there's now a report that it's not improbable for Mr. Bill to end up in Miami, rejoining coordinators Mike Mularkey and Dom Capers. Considering Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga said yesterday, "There's only one thing I want to do, is win; I don't care what it takes, what it costs, or what's involved", he would probably pony up the dough needed to catch the eye of The Jaw.


Anonymous said...

I highly doubt Cowher going to Miami. If Cowher leaves, he's not going to go anywhere else. I think he wants to spend more time with his family. If he's retiring, he'll say thats the reason why. He has integrity unlike some other coaches in the league cough*Saban*cough.

Sean said...

ESPN and the P-G are now reporting that Cowher is announcing his retirement tomorrow (Friday).

Rory said...

That Cowher to Miami article is lame. The only tangible think Bouchette mentions is that Huizenga quote. The rest is just Ed postulated with no mention of anyword from anyone that this was ever even considered.