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Cowher Outage

The Bill Cowher Soap Opera took another turn Thursday, with the news that Mr. Bill is resigning on Friday, not Sunday, Tuesday, or next Monday, as previously reported. Hopefully, the 4th time will be the charm.
While I will miss the one and only coach that gave me a Super Bowl win and countless years of playoff excitement, I think it's time to move on. In the wake of all the Nick Saban talk, I heard someone make a great point about moving forward as a Dolphin fan. Would you rather have a coach who wants to be there, or one who is forced to be there because of a contract? Did Cowher really impress you as a guy who enjoyed his job this season?
Let's face it...the Dolphins were going backwards with Saban, and the Steelers went backwards even with Cowher in charge this year. I simply couldn't even imagine Cowher back in 2007. He seemed miserable from the opening kickoff, which came, ironically, against the Dolphins.
For the first time I can remember, the team honestly seemed to tune Cowher out this year. The 15-yard penalties that "would not happen again" happened again and again. But that was one of many low points. The Baltimore games, where the Steelers were physically embarrassed on both sides of the ball; the Oakland game, when the Steelers lost to a team who couldn't manage 100 yards of offense; the turnovers; the special was a train wreck for any team, let alone a defending champion.
I will miss the spit, the jaw, the emotion, the things that made Cowher a personality beyond a coach. But I trust that the Steelers will find the right man to replace him. They have a pretty good track record picking coaches. We can only hope that the next coach gives us as many good years as Bill Cowher.

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