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Links: Bill Cowher Edition

A milestone: my first link from, regarding my take on the Cowher situation

Thanks also go out to the PG for my mention in their front-page Blog N Gold "Cahr" article

The official Post-Gazette recap of today's events

A nice piece on the coach from John Clayton.

Don Banks thinks the Steelers' next coach is already on their payroll

Michael Silver lists 8 reasons why Cowher is leaving. #1? The Rooneys don't pay.

Pictures of Bill Cowher's house in North Carolina

Reaction from around the country. I know you were all wondering what Vince Papale thought of the news.

Bill Cowher's most valuable rookie card

The PG asked the fans for their thoughts on the big news

The Bill Cowher Appearance Improvement Page

A vintage Mondesi piece: Cowher's Worst Decisions of 2006.


vinnie said...

Great line in the ESPN piece. Come to think of it, in my lifetime the Steelers have had as many stadiums as they have coaches!

vinnie said...

The more I think about it, I see Whiz going to ATL and The Rooney's hiring Grimm (although I am a little intrigued by Gabe, er, I mean Ron Rivera).

vinnie said...

Okay, last post and then I'll get back to work...

A friend of mine invented a term for whenever she questioned a ref's call against the Steelers -- instead of saying "challenging it!", she'd say "Cowherize it!"

Farewell Bill, good luck with the 'Skins in 2008!