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Heinz vs the Colts, LaRoche Mania, Lebron Roast, Cold Pizza Moving, New Paris Tapes

Check out a site called Nothin But the Truth written by a very talented writer named Eddie Gallo. This feature is his thoughts on the Mike Tomlin hire. Very good stuff!
Is Heinz really trying to bully the Indianapolis Colts and a small ketchup company?
LaRoche Mania comes to PirateFest this weekend. I think the sky is the limit for the Pirates with LaRoche in the lineup. Is 110 wins too much to expect? In other news, McNutting, Littlefield, and Tracy will all be on hand to mingle with fans, answer questions, and presumably to reiterate their "commitment to winning".
Sammy Sosa is ready to finalize his deal with the Rangers. Thank you for this gold mine of new material, Jon Daniels (he's the GM of the Rangers who's signing off on Slammin' Sammy).
Looks like the Buccos aren't going to sign Jeff Weaver. And I am glad. That just looked like something out of those old SNL "Bad Idea Jeans" ads. gives us the weaknesses of all 30 MLB teams. Except for the Yankees. They're flawless.
Much like Pam Anderson, Hugh Hefner, and Bill Shatner, Lebron James will be the subject of a roast
Competition for the Trenni photo on eBay: the elusive signed 8x10 of FSN's Rob King.
ESPN2's Cold Pizza is moving from NYC to Bristol. Check out this quote from the article: "Way back when, a Bristol tipster told us the show had affectionately been dubbed ‘Vietnam’ because ESPN has no idea how it got into this mess, and also has no exit plan."
What's on the new round of Paris Hilton tapes? Your answers are just a click away.


Anonymous said...

On the Heinz issue with the Colts, I feel that Heinz has a case. While a company cannot trademark the term "Red Zone" for all uses and purposes, they do have the right to a certain degree of exclusivity when it comes to using that term in conjunction with a promotion at a football stadium, for which they pay 6-7 figures annually per team. It can be argued that this concept is intellectual property of the HJ Heinz Co.

This is simply a case of a small company and an unimaginative marketing group being unable to come up with an original idea. Dirty Colts...

On Cold Pizza...I made the mistake of watching 4 minutes of that show yesterday morning (I work from home). In discussing who is the best Bears linebacker of all-time, Skip Bayless said that Singletary and Butkus don't even come close to measuring up to Brian Urlacher.

Then I turned off the TV.

I just can't see Singletary or Butkus getting run over the way Urlacher did when he met THE BUS at the goal line in DEC '05.

In short, Cold Pizza sucks.

Adam said...
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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Do people really care where shows are filmed at? Who cares if Cold Pizza is done in NYC? Does that make me want to watch any more than it would if it was in Bristol? NO!

Even funnier, Fox Sports Radio is doing their Super Bowl coverage from the Bahamas. Why is Fox wasting money sending these guys to the Bahamas? It's RADIO!!