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Chris Berman Pictures, Pitt Recruits, Ricky Williams to Dolphins, Angelina Jolie Painting, Every NES Game Ever, Seven Springs Has Snow

There's the happily married Boomer at the Super Bowl in Jacksonville...crammed onto a couch with five girls, one on his lap
ESPN's Ombudsman wraps up 2006 like only an ombudsman could
Ricky Williams wants to come back to the Dolphins. Seriously, haven't these people suffered enough? All those years getting teased with Dan Marino, yet no Super Bowl wins...the embarrassment that is the champagne-popping '72 team...Ricky Williams' original disappearance...Nick Saban...Junior Seau retires, then joined the Patriots. Can't we tell Ricky to stay away? Seriously, go join the Giants. They won't even notice you with all of their sideshows.
Video of The Tuna telling Tony Romo to throw the F-ing ball away.
Seven Springs trucked in 6 million pounds of snow to the resort on Friday. Owner Bob Nutting gave this quote: "We are doing all that we can to show our skiers, snowboarders, snowtubers and guests that in this first year of ownership we are absolutely committed to providing the best possible conditions." To all of you who can't connect the dots, Mr. Nutting's family also owns another small business called The Pittsburgh Pirates. So I would guess that this snow came cheap, won't perform well, and will disappoint all the paying customers. (thanks to reader Cecil for the link)
SI compiled a list of hockey's most colorful names. Mildly amusing.
COLLEGE FOOTBALL: has Pitt's updated commits list for the 2007 class. In my best "Count" voice, here are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine! Nine four-star recruits! Ahh-ahh-ahhh! And one five-star recruit too!

Here's what passes for art in 2007: a painting of Angelina Jolie, as the Virgin Mary, hovering over a Wal-Mart checkout line.
Disney World's Tigger punches a kid...and of course, there's video. Something about Bengals and trouble this year.
Toyota is creating a vehicle that detects drunken drivers and shuts down the car if sensors pick up excessive alcohol consumption. Sounds fantastic. But if a person has such a drinking problem that they would consider drinking and driving in the first place, then why would they buy such a car?
Play every NES game ever on your computer...kill more time at work...make your bosses hate Mondesi's House even more....
Will Ferrell turned down $29 million for Elf 2. And Brad Pitt wants to produce a movie with Sacha Baron Cohen, known to you as "Borat". Hold on, I think my head just exploded with these two facts. (thanks to reader Kiana for the link)
Here's the dumbest rap star names. Unfortunately, J-Peezy is not a rapper and thus does not qualify for this list.


hyzdufan said...

Did you see the video of Tigger and that kid? It looked like he was going to give him a hug and that kid was so damn excited he threw his head into his hand. They interviewed the kid - total pussy, and the dad - total attention whore.

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Not to nitpick about the rapper article BUT...

Even though they looked like a bunch of drunken, Irish, Bostonians, the House of Pain were actually from Los Angeles.

I have a friend who for some reason is still REALLY into them.