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Bonds Fails Drug Test, Rex Grossman Drunk, Ben Leaving as Free Agent?, More Erin Andrews, Another Britney Picture

Sorry about the lateness of today's update. Despite my best efforts, there are times when I simply can't adjust the ol' schedule, and today was one of those days. I know my brother speaks for the masses when he told me how upset he was with the lack of content today. So I'll make it up to you.

I must say, the readers are really coming through with some quality links. Must be that standing, weekly mystery prize that will be sent to a random reader who sends a link I use. What will it be? Who will get it? Why don't you move on to today's news?

Barry Bonds reportedly failed an amphetamines test last year. Of course, he quickly tied Mark Sweeney to the railroad tracks in his attempt to deflect blame. How'd you like that one? Tied to the railroad tracks? Isn't it better than "Thrown under the bus"?
Fox Sports gives us an update of all the trade rumors in MLB, including all the trades the Pirates refuse to make. They really know how to cultivate off-season interest.

Not only did Big Mac get refused for the Hall of Fame, but he may lose his highway next.

The inevitable Rex Grossman drunk pictures finally surface
Bob Smizik predicts Russ Grimm as the next Steeler coach and floats the possibility that Big Ben may leave as a free agent.
Grimm may or may not be the next Steeler coach, but he is a finalist for the Hall of Fame. Also a finalist: your favorite, Michael Irvin.
Denver Broncos players are offering a $100K bounty for the killer of Darrent Williams
Your new Cardinals coach...Mike Sherman???
Chris Webber got cut from the 76ers because he stinks. So in typical NBA fashion, the suitors are lining up for his services.

David Beckham and Posh Spice-Beckham are Coming to America. No, Prince Hakeem and Semmi won't be there to greet them, but I'm guessing Tom Cruise will.
A Colorado high school coach is facing criminal charges for allegedly hitting players in the groin. Does this remind anyone of that classic Simpsons episode with Hans Moleman's Video, "Football in the Groin"?
An appeal to the ESPN Ombudsman for more Erin Andrews.
Erin Andrews won't be on Monday Night Football next year, but Tony Kornheiser will.


If you're going to do butt-print art in your spare time, just a note...don't do it while you're a teacher in Virginia.
Flying from Chicago to Vermont? Watch out for the scorpions.
Yesterday's worst Britney picture of all time gets trumped by today's, sent by a very loyal Mondesi fan:


Dirty Sanchez said...

Chad Tracy wouldn't be a bad swap for Gonzo. Of course, like a house that has sat on the market for a while, his value seems to be dropping with each passing week. Hopefully Littledeal is exploring what he can get for a starter such as Maholm, on the off chance that a Pirates pitching prospect doesn't turn out to become a top of the rotation starter.

Sure, Ben could leave in a few years. Polamalu could leave after next year too, but I don't think either will happen. As for Gardocki, that's a different story.

Signal to Noise said...

Hey, thanks for the link. That Britney pic rivals this one for sheer fugly.

Bonds apparently absolved Sweeney, but I bet his next excuse when getting caught will be along the lines of the Ted Haggard defense, i.e. "I was just buying the drugs to get them off the streets/out of the locker room!"

Geeves said...

Ken Rosenthal is an abosulte moron.

Why in the hell would the Cubs sign Cliff Floyd when they already have Soriano to play LF?

"they also want a stopgap CF until Felix Pie is ready" what the hell do you think Juan Pierre is doing, Kenny?