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Maybe Big Ben Will Defend The Donald?

Ben Roethlisberger is many things to many people: Super Bowl-winning quarterback; motorcycle accident survivor; concussion victim; former beau of Natalie Gulbis; a guy who can Drink Like a Champion; shill for Fatheads; and close friend of Donald Trump.

Yes, as I found out while leafing through a local publication called Washington Crossroads Magazine, it sounds like Big Ben is pretty tight with The Donald.
In an interview with the magazine Ben did on behalf of Big Ben's Barbecue Sauce (yet another off-field endeavor), The Goateed One opens up and answers a number of questions that were moderately interesting:

On the "Madden Curse":
(Washington Crossroads): There’s supposedly a curse associated with players who appear on the cover of Madden. Michael Vick broke his leg, Ray Lewis broke his wrist, then Donovan McNabb got hurt. Would you appear on the cover if asked?
(Ben Roethlisberger)[laughs] Yeah I think it’d be a great honor to be on the cover of that game.
Madden Curse? This guy literally made up his own curse last year and still played in nearly every game. I'm convinced he's made of Adamantium---you know, that element that flows through Wolverine, making him virtually invincible.
(WC) Is there any well-known person that you would like to meet?
(BR) That’s tough, because I’ve met all the people that I’ve really wanted to meet, like Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Dan Marino – all the sports stars that I grew up wanting to be like. I’ve met and played golf with people like Donald Trump. He’s a good friend. We talk once a week at least.
(WC) What’s Donald Trump like off-camera?
(BR) He’s a great guy. We actually converse quite often and joke about things. I’m planning a time that I can go to New York and hang out and he’s going to come to a game.
(WC) Ben Roethlisberger and Donald Trump hang out? What do you guys do?
(BR)We’ve gone to dinner, we’ve gone out, we’ve golfed, we’ve gambled. All kinds of things.
OK, let's back it up. Ben Roethlisberger gambles with Donald Trump? How did I miss this factoid? I mean, we know everything else about the guy...who he dates, what he drinks, what his dog's name is, pictures of where he lives...yet this slipped under the radar. At least my radar.
With The Donald in the midst of a running controversy with Rosie O'Donnell, involving everyone from Madonna to Barbara Walters to Conan O'Brien (with video), I think it's high time the NFL quarterback join the fracas and stands up for his buddy. But he's a busy know, bowling for bottled water in his hallway and all.


Anonymous said...

From the department of reading way too far into things, I offer you this:

Donald Trump - Big Ben.

Rosie O'Donnell - Neil O'Donnell.

It would be fitting, if nothing else.

Unknown said...

Big Ben's hot barbecue sauce is not for the faint of heart. It will definitely rock your world. The best part about it: Big Ben makes it himself.