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Pens Lose, Top Football States, Media Awards, Most Annoying Players, Frat Pack Circle of Trust

Pens lose, Pens lose. That's 0 wins in their last 5, for those of you scoring at home.

ESPN ranks the top football states...PA comes in at #4, behind Texas, California, and Florida. PA ranked #1 among pro teams, #7 among college, and #6 among high schools. (Thanks to reader John for the tip)

SI hands out their 2006 Media Awards, giving Chris Fowler and James Brown person-of-the-year honors. I know he was a great singer and I'll miss him dearly, but did he really have that much to do with the sports media?

A player's poll ranks the league's most annoying players. Surprise, surprise, Terrell Owens is #1. Do editors and producers sit around and think of ways to inject him into the news? And by the way...Joey Porter was voted #2.

Chris Simms parlays his 46 passer rating into a 2-year extension in Tampa.

Jason Taylor calls out cheater Shawne Merriman

As noted in yesterday's comments, here is the story on the McClatchy Co's sale of the Star Tribune newspaper in Minneapolis. McClatchy paid $1.2 billion for paper in 1998, and is now selling it for $530 million. Clearly this is the worst investment by a McClatchy since Kevin Young...or Pat Meares...or Derek Bell.

The world's oldest hockey stick, carved in the 1850s, sold for $1.9 million dollars. No truth to the rumor that it only became available after John LeClair was out of hockey.

The Frat Pack Circle of Trust, fully illustrated.

How the mighty have fallen: is shutting down on January 31.

Yahoo lists the biggest movie bombs of 2006, including All the King's Men, The Wicker Man, and Basic Instinct 2, which took in $5 million and cost $70 million to produce. Ouch.

TMZ gives us their 2006 Celebrity Bad Behavior Photo Gallery


Dirty Sanchez said...

While we Pirates fans anxiously await the signing of Tomo Ohka or Sidney Ponson, the Giants just inked Barry Zito to a 7 yr/$126 mil deal.

That's a great signing, most of their roster will only be 45 years old when his contract is up.

Anonymous said...

The Pens are for sale on ebay:

Anonymous said...

The Penguins' "Buy It Now" price of $20MM is a bit ambitious.

I wonder if that price includes the exclusive right to hire Eddie Johnston in some future capacity.

Anonymous said...

Also, in those ESPN rankings, take a look at the cartoon they're posted on the PENNSYLVANIA page. I particularly like how Mean Joe's foot is crushing the city of Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

Arena talks between Mario and the "powers that be" start next week. I knew Mario just wanted to make 'em sweat it out for a few weeks.

Things are officially looking a lot better:

Anonymous said...

NFLs Most Annoying players...
Doug Johnson, Bengals.....2%

What did Doug Johnson do to get on this list?

Anyone else find this as odd?

Did i miss some big news story with this guy in it?

Anonymous said...

I guess if you consider sucking annoying, then yes Doug Johnson belongs on the list.

Unknown said...

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