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Morelli is Mad, Borat vs Boras, Another NFL Arrest, NBA Salaries, LeClair Officially Gone, Creepiest Mascots, Bad Miss USA

So it looks like Anthony Morelli hates his old high school coach, Penn Hills' Neil Gordon. Morelli hasn't spoken to Gordon since he graduated in 2003. I can't wait to hear what he thinks of JoePa once he leaves Happy Valley
Future Mayor of New Orleans Joe Horn was none too pleased with Sean Payton's training camp this year. Horn was used to Jim Haslett training camps, which bred mediocrity on an incredibly consistent level. Seriously, look at the Saints records from 2001-2004: 7-9, 9-7, 8-8, get the picture. They were like this generation's Wayne Fontes Lions.
An NFL player is arrested on gun charges, and it's not a Bengal, Raven, or Charger.


The tale of the tape: Borat vs. Boras

SI digs up the dirt on the salaries of every player in the NBA. The highest payroll belongs to the New York Knicks, who topped #2 Dallas by a whopping $26 million. That's the 9-15 New York Knicks, by the way.
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The Penguins and John LeClair officially part ways. Now they must find another player who can score 2 goals in 21 games.
That $155,000 Velvet Underground sale? Turns out, the bidder backed out. Wow, I am so completely surprised that someone would joke around on eBay.

Miss USA may be dethroned for bad behavior. Or not. No one seems to know at this point. The best part: it's all in the hands of Donald Trump.

The Top 10 Creepiest Mascots are counted down. Not surprisingly, The King makes an appearance.


Anonymous said...

Anthony Morelli....where to begin?

I can see a Ryan Leaf-style blow-up in the very near future for this kid.

Someone needs to teach him that it is not proper to air your dirty laundry in public. Who cares if your high school coach takes a cheap shot at you on a high school broadcast? You're the starting QB at Penn State. Petty high school non-sense should be the last thing on your mind.

Then again, he does have a tribal arm-band tattoo, displaying that he can safely be considered a moron.

As for his intelligence, I'll just go by what I know. When he bagged on Pitt (where he would not have seen the field up until this point), he declared that he was planning to attend "The University of Penn State."

OK, Brains.

Anonymous said...

He does have just as many winning seasons as Tyler Palko.

Anonymous said...

"just because i cant read doesn't mean i'm illiterate." - Anthony Morelli

Anonymous said...

Check this out.

Balsillie pulls out of Penguins purchase
Friday, December 15, 2006

Shelly Anderson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie has withdrawn his offer to buy the Penguins after reaching a stalement with the NHL over last-minute demands by the league.

Those demands included a promise to keep the team in Pittsburgh under any circumstance and give the NHL the right to take control of the Penguins.

Balsillie, 45, chairman and co-CEO of a company that makes BlackBerry wireless devices, offered $175 million for the Penguins Oct. 4. He has said a new arena is required if the team is to remain in Pittsburgh.

Steeltown Mike said...

"Holy shit! Balsallie Out on Pens Purchase"

Initially, I feel this is a good thing. If he wasn't committed to keeping the team in the 'Burgh, he's yet another businessman who just wants a pro-sports toy.

Where this leaves the team if they can't find another buyer...I do not know.

Of course, the Pens are a little more marketable this year.

Bic said...

Morelli is trying to beat out Rod Rutherford on the Jerk-meter.

I have friends who have had a few encounters with both of them. Rutherford's highlight includes getting into a drunken rage and cracking a car door window.

Can Morelli beat that?

Anonymous said...

Nothing says class like the barb-wire tattoo that Morelli has on his arm. t matches his Penn St. uniform.

How is awesome is it that Miss USA (Kentucky) is acting inappropriately. Could this be a new video....Miss USA's behaving badly????