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The concept is simple: I've always thought of Mondesi's House as somewhat of a talk-show format in blog form. So I turn the keys over to you. I introduce a few hot topics to chew on, and the floor is all yours. Chime in with your thoughts on as many or as few as you wish. Or introduce another topic that's on your mind. It's all in your hands!

Welcome to The Mondesi Show!

Today's topics to stir the pot:

1. The Penguins posted an impressive, come-from-behind win against the Capitals on Monday night. Do you think the Penguins will make the postseason, and if they do, how far do you see them going?

2. Since it looks like the Steelers are close to being mathematically eliminated, who do you like coming out of the AFC this year? How about the NFC?

3. Given the available options and the budget (or lack thereof), what moves would you make if you ran the Pittsburgh Pirates?

4. Let's play GM one more time. If you ran the Steelers, who are three players you would not bring back in 2007?

5. You pick the topic. Anything else on your mind, feel free to vent.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! It's like Mondesi KNOWS when I'm up in the middle of the night studying for a final and dieing for a break and conveniently puts up another episode of "The Mondesi Show"!!

1. I actually see the Penguins sneaking into the playoffs this year. I don't see them making it past the first couple of rounds though.

2. No brainer at this point, the Chargers out of the AFC and I see New Orleans pulling a shocker in the playoffs in Chicago. Chargers take it all in the end though.

By the way, remember when the year of 9/11 the Patriots won the Super Bowl and some people thought it was rigged that the Patriots won it all during such a patriotic time in our history? If the Saints make it, do you think these same people will think it was a fix again due to the recent situations in post-Katrina New Orleans? Just a stupid thought.

3. I don't know of any moves exactly, but I wouldn't be afraid to part with at least one young pitcher (that includes Gonzo) to get that young power bat we're looking for. Littlefield seems like he's too chickenshit to pull the trigger on these trades.

4. Kendall Simmons, Max Starks, and maybe Deshea? I still think these guys are valuable backups if they'd take pay cuts and demotions (which I bet at least Townshend would do).

If I may go off for a moment, poor Simmons. I mean this too. He had a great rookie year in 2002. People don't remember that it was him, and not the more popular Antwaan Randle El, that was voted the Steelers rookie of the year that season. But the diabetes and ACL injury combined to probably rob him of what should have been a great career.

As for Starks, he's a giant oaf that has never impressed me from day one.

5. I'll talk about Big East coaches I guess.

I just want to give props to Greg Schiano and Rich Rodriqez for staying with their teams instead of going to more "historical" programs... where they'd probably be fired after the first bad season. They chose to help build their programs into so-called "historical programs" rather than just take over another one. The Big East still isn't what it once was, but it took a step in the right direction during the season, and after the season it took another step by not losing these two coaches.

Speaking of which, I don't want to sound like I'm blaming Dantonio for leaving Cincinatti. I would want to quit too if only 70 people came to my team's games.

Which leads me to USF coach Jim Leavitt. This guy flies under the radar and does more with below-average recruits than anyone I've ever seen. AND like Cincy, USF can barely draw flies to their games, outside of the students that get in free.*

Anyways, the point I'm making is Leavitt squashed all rumors about him taking other jobs before they could even get started. So props to him as well.

* I've seen attendance figures for USF placing their per game average at 39,000 per game... I've been to these games and can tell you there is NO WAY that's right. The FREE student/alumni who never threw their student IDs away section usually has an alright crowd, but the upper deck is always closed off and the other 3/4 of the stadium are VERY sparsely filled.

Paul Rinkes said...

1. I've not seen enough from the Pens to have a good opinion ... but yeah, from what I've read, I can agree -- they make the playoffs, and then get eliminated in the second round.

2. I "like as in predict" the Chargers and the Ravens. I "like as in root for" the Colts ... I'm a big Dungy fan.

3. Pirates moves? Dark alley. Large, wooden stake. G. Ogden Nutting.

4. Hartings. Starks. And I guess Townshend, though it's hard for me to pick just one DB.

5. Why the hell isn't Joey Porter's comment about Winslow getting the appropriate outrage -- and by "appropriate" I mean "the same level of outrage that athletes from other sports would get?" The same goes for Shawne Merriman's steroids suspension.

Remember, you can't spell "The National Football League" without "teflon" ...

Anonymous said...

1. I don't think the Pens make the playoffs, as much as I would like to see it. They don't have enough Defense or scoring wingers. They need to make a trade and add some salary to make it happen. Sid and Geno can't do it alone.

2.Chargers and Colts in AFCC and Seahawks and Saints in NFCC. Chargers and Seahawks in SB.

3.I would get rid of Gonzo in a heartbeat, he may be good but what good is a good closer when he closes 24 games a year. Considering all the one run loses last year a bat in exchange for his arm would be more useful and he appears to have some value.

4.Jeff Hartings, Joey Porter and Cedrick Wilson will all be gone. We will draft a lineman that can play C/G. Harrison will take over for Porter who will hold out and is not worth the money anymore. Santonio will take over for Ced with Nate being #3 and either Willie Reid or a Rookie/FA battling for the #4

5.I just want to state how bad I hate ESPN because those "experts" don't know anymore than anyone that reads Mondesis House. The 6pm Sportscenter is the worst television show on right now. ESPN sucks!!!!!!! I do like ESPN News however.

Rave said...

1.I have the Pens entering the playoffs as a number 7 or 8 seed after a strong finish to make the playoffs. I see them making a big commontion in the first round, possibly winning, but at least going 5 or 6 games.

2.I'm picking the Chargers to Win the AFC aftering defeating the Broncos and Ravens. In the NFC I have the bears winning over the cowboys and the Saints. Chargers win the superbowl.

3.If I ran the pirates, Id fire DL. Get him the hell outta there. That instantly will have a great impact on our team cause any compotent person could do a better job then he could.

4.This is a tough call but I feel its time for a new offensive line. Jeff Hartings is getting old, neeeds to go. Kendell Simmons is next. And then im gonna come over and say Cedric Wilson.

5. I say if paintball and poker are considered sporting events deserving of National Televsion, Then Compeitive Laser Tag should be a Sport and endorsed by the masses and Media. You wont find more fun or equal opportunity competition like you do in Laser Tag.

Anonymous said...

1. No, they will fall short. They are still too weak defensively; they really miss Eaton. I see them finishing in 9th or 10th place this year, which is still an improvement over last year.

2. San Diego looks like a lock, but who knows. The NFL is so goofy right now, it seems like anything can happen. If I had to choose, I would say San Diego and Dallas. I think Grossman is going to end up hurting Chicago in the end, because eventually teams are going to decided that it isn't a good idea to kick to Devon Hester. Also, the Chicago defense is very good, but not great. It hurts to say this, but it doesn't hold a candle to the 2000 Ravens D. Therefore, I don't think it will be good enough to carry them through the playoffs. I would love to see the Saints make it, but I don't trust their defense enough.

3. You mean besides getting rid of DL? I would beg the Braves to reconsider a trade for Larouche. I would also unload Marte; a lefty releiver at a reasonable price should be able to get you a decent prospect considering how much they are going for on the open market.

4. Ced Wilson, Gardooki, max starks. Definitely the first two need to be gone; we have enough good receivers that we don't need Wilson, and Gardooki is the worst punter I have ever seen. Of course, he has never had one blocked before. I don't know if anybody knew that or not.

Dirty Sanchez said...

1. If Eaton comes back healthy at the end of the season, I can see the Penguins sneaking in as a 7-8 seed. I'm not sold on Fleury yet as a big-time goalie yet, so if they make it they won't get past the 1st round.

2. It's been a while since the NFL playoff teams have been so underwhelming. There isn't a team out there that you look at and think "Damn, they're loaded". Maybe the Chargers are the closest to being solid on both sides of the ball. I guess SD vs. Chi in the Super Bowl. Whoever is the NFC representative will be at least a 7 point dog though, that's for sure.

3. Fire DL, bring in someone who respects the farm system and see the value in building up the overseas academies as opposed to pissing away money on guys like Burnitz and Randa to give the illusion they are trying. Trade Marte for whatever you can get since apparently middle relievers are the most coveted resource in all of sports. Finally, call Atlanta and try to talk them into LaRoche for Gonzo again.

4. Gardocki is gone, maybe Porter, Hartings should retire and let Okobi take over, and Harrison should take over for Porter if he makes one peep about a contract extension. I would love to see Gardocki get a punt blocked in the last game this season, thereby ruining all those years of kicking 35 yard punts so he could claim to never have had one blocked.

5. I'm a little tired of everyone fellating Rich Rodriguez for staying at WVU. Less than 24 hours after telling/yelling at everyone that he was staying at WVU for life, he receives a fat offer from Alabama. If WVU didn't pony up the money to match 'Bama, he was gone. This has more to do with ensuring that he stays there until 2011 to get his 600k annuity and that the 'Neers will admit anyone with less than 5 felonies on their record than any feelings of loyalty on Rodriguez's part.

Anonymous said...

It's really difficult to go from 29th in the league one year to playoffs the next...

The Pens win a couple games in a row and everyone thinks maybe they can make the playoffs, they lose a couple and it's fire the coach sign some aging free agents the sky is falling.

I think the Pens will make a good charge at a playoff spot, but ultimately fall short. In the bigger picture, we'll see if guys like Christensen, Ouellet and Welch are going to be able to stick in the NHL beside the core of Crosby, Malkin and Fleury.

Of course, if the Pens are still in the hunt come the deadline time, Ballsillie will most likely be installed as the owner by then, so if they're authorized to pickup a UFA rental like Bill Guerin or Eric Brewer, who knows. Shero isn't going to make a move just for the short-term, but the addition of an established scoring winger and an accomplished defenseman is what the Pens need for real hopes of making the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

1. The Pens will make the playoffs and go no further than Round 2. However, since we've seen no playoffs since 2001 when our Czech superstar was "dying alive," anything will do.

2. Chargers vs. Bears (as long as Sexy Rexy doesn't turn the ball over 3 times per game). In the event that Rex continues to play like Rex, I see the Saints (yes, the Saints!) coming out of the NFC.

3. The Pirates only hope is need to get a....or maybe acquire some depth at....nevermind. There's no hope. THere will never be any hope. They are the new LA Clippers of professional sports. "Tanks, for nuttin', McNuttin'."

4. Hartings, Simmons, Townsend. Guys, time to move on with your life's work, as the Emp used to say.

5. Now that his legal troubles have been magically washed away, and he's no longer fumbling punts, Santonio Holmes is actually turning into a quality NFL receiver.

6. One more...what on earth was Barrack Obama doing on the opening for MNF this past week? ABC/ESPN, please spare me your political views when I'm trying to watch FOOTBALL. I know the guy is considering running for president in 2008, and that he's from Chi-Town, but that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the game. Then again, the GMC trucks do either. Or Dwayne Wade, for that matter. Geez, I hate ESPN.

Anonymous said...

And what the hell is ALI RAP?

Anonymous said...

3. I'd cover myself in sackcloth and ashes, sit on a mat at the CF entrance to PNC Park every game (not just the home games, EVERY game), touch my head to the concrete for three hours and beg the fans' forgiveness for the disaster my wonderful historic franchise has become. I'd clear out the staff from top to bottom. I'd hire Charlie and Rowdy and Bones and Pat and Mondesi to turn this team around. I'd vow not to put a penny in my pocket until the team made the playoffs and I'd open the books to prove it.

But then, I have a conscience.

Anonymous said...

1. Pens will get the 5 seed. After Buffalo and Atlanta, the rest of the teams are jumbled. Remember how young this team is, they will only get better as the year goes on. Getting eaton back will help them down the stretch. I see them winning the first round and losing to future Stanley Cup winners Buffalo in the second.

2. I hate having to make a prediction like this. I think the hottest team has the best shot and I hate to say it, but Cincy actually learned how to play D the last few weeks. Who cares who comes out of the NFC. Their winner will only complain about the refs after they lose the Super Bowl.

3. Does it really matter at this point? I say trade overvalued commodities NOW for elite prospects, even if that were to include JAson Bay, who could probably fetch 3 bluechip players.

4. Hartings, Wilson, Porter.

5. Seconding the BE coaches as brought up by Louis Lipps (best poster on here hands down). Coaches are what makes programs. If you look right now on some of the websites, BE recruiting is starting to reflect the on-field success. Kudos to the conference for fighting the fight and proving the so-called experts wrong. I am fearful of what WVU can become. Remember, they are winning now with undervalued players. Now they are starting to land some good ones.

Anonymous said...

4. Without a doubt, Joey Porter above all. So few have run their mouth so much and achieved so little with so much hype. He is absolutely NOT WORTH $4.5M next year. Overpursues all the time, his only plays are made agst RBs staying in to block and the occasional TE with feet of stone. Aslo say goodbye to Gardocki and Wilson.

Steeltown Mike said...

1. The Penguins have the makings of a team that will compete for one of the last slots in the playoffs. They're still right there despite taking about 3 weeks off, so they're due to get hot again. If they sneak into the playoffs, they will be destroyed in round 1, but the experience of playoff hockey (not to mention getting a couple games at the 'gloo) will be priceless.

2. Superbowl? Geez, after getting whipped up and down the street in my pick'em leagues all year and the pathetic results of my own NFL preview, I don't trust myself here. But, rather than chicken totally out, I'll stick with the Patriots (best game planners) over Martyball or Peytonball or even Balti-ball (and hope I'm wrong). I now like Chicago instead of Seattle. Grossman will recover in time. After missing the last two seasons, he was due for a roller coaster. The Bears match up well with the other NFC contenders, especially their defense.

3. Borrowing from BucDaddy, I'd let the Roundtable run the team, rather than leave it to one guy to turn it around. There's too much that's needed. If you can't acquire the lefty slugger, then focus on improving your pitching. I don't even know who's still out there, but both phases need to be improved for enhanced competitiveness.

4. Gardocki, Porter, and Simmons. Gardocki's 2-step, never blocked thing is pretty impressive, but if you're not able to get your team out of bad field position, what the heck do you still have a job for? Porter=clubhouse cancer. Simmons is on the decline and beyond repair.

5. Can anyone explain why Brady Quinn is largely agreed to be the #1 pick in next year's draft? Is it because of his tutelege under Weiss? I'll admit that 35TD/5INTs all season long is impressive, but Troy Smith's 30/5 against tougher competition is slightly better, IMO. But should the pick fall to Tampa Bay (season's not quite over), do you think they're going to be after a QB? Detroit, sure. Oakland...maybe. I just don't know why Quinn is such a lock.

Anonymous said...

1. The Penguins will NOT make the playoffs this year. They still need wingers who can score and two more solid defensemen.

2. New Orleans and Indy. New Orleans wins it all.

3. Who cares about the Pirates. They suck out loud.

4. Three Steelers who must go:
Wilson, Gardocki and Townshend. Maybe they could start their own lawfirm to represent overpaid, below average, and over the hill athletes.

Anonymous said...

1. I think that the Pens sneak in, and then shock a high-seeded team in the first round. Then they get knocked off in second and head to Ontario/Kansas City/Hartford. Sucks.

2. The AFC is a tough call, because every team has a major weakness. However, I think the Chargers are just good enough to over come the Marty curse and make it to Miami. In the NFC, I like the Saints. One SB team always has to be a "story" and there isn't a bigger story than NOLA. Plus, the offense is ridiculous. I'm not even afraid that they might have to go north and play at Soldier Field, because Brees went to school at Purdue.

3. I'd trade Gonzo and finally get our hands on Left McThump, Jr. (there are no true McThumps to be had). There are so many other moves to make, that I just don't have the time, or the intestinal fortitude to get into it.

4. Joey Porter, Max Starks, Chris Gardocki

5. Three points that have been touched on:
a) It's ridiculous that Joey Porter's getting away with his comments on Winslow, just because the NFL is untouchable.
b)it's MORE ridiculous that the media wants to crucify Mark McGwire for PROBABLY using 'roids with one breath, then hand Sean Merriman, who has TESTED POSITIVE THIS SEASON, the Defensive Player of the Year award with next.
c) i hate it when people call Malkin "Geno". It reminds me of people calling Roberto "Bob" or "Bobby" back in the day. Why do we have to Anglicize everything? Furthermore, when the hell did Michel Therrian become "Michael" Therrian?
d) Draft Poz. Thanks.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

1. It would have been nice to pick up Peter Bondra, who was just signed by the Blackhawks the other day, but I can see them making it to the first round of the playoffs.

2. Saints-Chargers, no sexy pick, they look the strongest right now, but feb. is a long way off...

3. Put G. Ogden Nutting in a little bitty cell inside Clemente's wall (with a little window so he can watch the games) and not let him out until we made the playoffs...hell throw his son in there with him.

4. Gardocki, Ced Wil, and Weegie Thompson. Oh.

5. I read on Tuesday Morning QB that our very own Senator Arlen Specter is pressuring the NFL to break up the whole NFL network-Direct TV monopoly going on, something about the NFL is violating the anti-trust status. Let's drop him a line urging our support on the matter...It sucks that u have to get a satellite just to watch some more football games, or for the ability to watch any football game u want for that matter.

Anonymous said...

The Penguins make the playoffs (not by much) and get axed in the first round, but make a good case for a better run next year.

The super bowl will see New Orleans and San Diego in a high scoring game.

Don't watch baseball much ...

I wouldn't bring back Maddox, Townshend, or McFadden. That secondary needs serious help.
Go Steelers!

Anonymous said...

1. Pens will make the playoff and win one round.

2. Baltimore vs. Chicago. The matchup no one wants to see.

3. Trade anyone on the roster. If you can cash out on Bay or Freddy, do so. You won 95 with them.

4. Porter, Gardocki, Cedrick

Anonymous said...

1.Pens make the playoffs and go out in the first round.

2.AFC-San Diego-NFC-New Orleans

3. Package a deal with a reliever and a starting pitcher to get the big lefthanded bat the Pirates need.

4. Chris Gardocki, Deshea Townsend and Jeff Hartings

Anonymous said...

1.Pens make the playoffs and go out in the first round.

2.AFC-San Diego-NFC-New Orleans

3. Package a deal with a reliever and a starting pitcher to get the big lefthanded bat the Pirates need.

4. Chris Gardocki, Deshea Townsend and Jeff Hartings