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Maxime Talbot Likes to Partay

Thanks to reader Drew for the tip...
Update: a commentor notes that a nattily-clad Sidney Crosby was also present at the party


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!!

By the way, is it written in PA state law that if you get married in or around Pittsburgh that you must get your picture taken on top of Mt Washington?

Anonymous said...

Ummm, who's that guy? He looks familiar.

Dirty Sanchez said...

I don't know who gwenjen69 is, but she has some skanky friends. Me likee!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that girl's slutty friends.

Take a moment and look at her photobucket pages.

I love the spreadeagle shot on the sidewalk.

Stay classy, ladies.

Anonymous said...

Tattoo on the lower back...might as well be a bull's eye

Dirty Sanchez said...

That's no target tattoo - that's a billboard! Even Oliver Perez could hit that target. Damn, those puck bunnies makes me want to lace up the skates and practice wrist shots.

Speaking of nasty sex, Sidney Crosby is violating the Flyers right now.

Anonymous said...

Cecil and Dirty,

Gwenjen appears to not be the most ethical woman on earth when it comes to getting naked on the internet herself.

Did one of her friends accidentally leak pictures of her to all of the Mondesis House readers that she didn't want us to see?! haha

She's pretty hot though.

And by the way, she will pose basically naked for pictures... but she will NOT condone drunk driving as evidenced by the disturbing MADD advertisement in her pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Penguin Groupies!

Boo for Anti-Semitic charicatures, scary drunk driving ads, and morbidly obese dudes.

My god, the tail Geno, Sid the Kid, Bugsy, and Young Staal must be getting is unfathomable.

Anonymous said...

I missed the anti-semetic charicature... what was that about?

(not going back to her picture page for fear of running into the scary-ass drunk driving ad again by accident!!)

................ said...
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Anonymous said...


Any chance we can see the pictures again? :)

Pinto Alegre