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Jim Mora, Knicks Nuggets Fight, and TO's Spit

Jim Mora Sr. said Michael Vick is a coach killer. Jim Mora Jr. said he wants to coach the University of Washington. Then he said it was a joke. Then the owner of the Falcons said Jim Mora Jr. made a boneheaded mistake. Yes, the Falcons are truly the model of a stable organization.
The Knicks and Nuggets fought it out on the court, and as usual, the Knicks got destroyed. Then they literally fought, which was more entertaining than the game. Carmelo Anthony, one of the faces of the NBA, scored a quality sucker-punch on Knick Mardy Collins, then backtracked down the court as if he was defending a fast break. This is the post-Detroit brawl-NBA, and even though no New York fans were harmed in the process, look for some healthy fines and suspensions from Godfather Stern. For those of you who've missed it, here is the video of the Knicks and Nuggets fight.
Terrell Owens spit in the face of Falcons CB D'Angelo...I mean...DeAngelo Hall on Saturday night. If it happened on the NFL Network and most of the country missed it, did it really happen?

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