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Pat White, Growling

If the game itself wasn't bad enough, how about a video of WVU's Pat White mocking the Panther growl?


Anonymous said...

Pitt's in-game entertainment is just awful. I'm glad to see it ridiculed on your site and Deadpin.

The only thing more annoying that the Panther growl is the "Survivor Intro" that somehow lasted from 2001-05, or the University recognizing the 1991 women's badmitton team at the 20 yd-line during a every time out.

Oh yeah, any time out involving the Pitt dance team performing a routine to a 45-second piece of music consisting of 15 3-second clips of different songs is just as bad.

Unknown said...

Dear Mondesi,

If you ever need to look up the meaning of the word, "jagoff", all that you need to do is put a link to this clip of Pat White.

I saw this during the broadcast and wondered what this moron was doing. I guess I was too tired at the time to notice that he was mocking the Panther growl on the p.a. system (which I think sounds pretty similar to the Nittany Lion sound effect by the way).

Be sure to put this clip back up next year a week or so before we visit the hoopleheads in Morgantown. This sound of White meowing should be good to rile up a lot of Pitt fans!

Will said...

Ordinarily, I'd be incensed at something like this, the whole thing comes across as just comical more than anything. I think what I like most is that no one else on the bench even seemed to pay attention to his antics. And that you could still he him purring after the network switched cameras.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion i think Pat white is absolutley adorable!
I say if growling is the solution to winning.....then GROWL on White!