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NL Rookie of the Year, $40,000 Super Bowl Book, Chris Taft Released, Hines Charging $175 to Sign Autographs, Lego Ohio Stadium

Lots of good reading today, so you get double the links. Too much to cram into one post!
NL Rookie of the Year voting was announced today, and Ronny Paulino didn't win. In fact, he didn't even get a vote. So much for the campaigning from Pirate announcers all year.
Is the Super Bowl Opus on your Christmas list? Why not? The $40,000 price tag for one book? Check out these's like buying a car, only more expensive:
* 850 pages printed on the finest semi-matte 200 gsm paper
* Pages are printed using a seven-color process and top-quality, light-fast inks
* Every page is edged in luxurious silver gilding
* Weighing over 80 pounds, the Super Bowl XL Opus is the heaviest sports book ever published
* Every copy is hand-sewn and bound using traditional techniques, and covered in the finest quality leather
* Presented in a wood construction clamshell-style case, covered in screen-printed silk
* Contains a microchip encrypted with unique codes individual to each Opus. This guarantees that the Opus is authentic and protects the value of your prized possession.
If the NBA Draft was tonight, Aaron Gray would be Kobe Bryant's teammate next season. Or so says, the site widely recognized as the leading source for NBA draft projections. And yes, the same site that had Chris Taft ranked as the #2 pick for most of the 2004-5 season. That would be the recently released Chris Taft.
Ever want to build Ohio Stadium out of Legos and wonder how long it takes? We now have an answer: 2 years.
Hines Ward is signing autographs at Ross Park Mall on December 9. For just $175, he'll autograph your picture or mini helmet. Or you could get him at training camp, which he charges...nothing. My favorite line: "$199 Equipment or Numbers (COMES WITH FREE "SB XL MVP" INSCRIPTION!)". Free? What part of $199 is free?

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